What Is Grape Vodka? (Taste, Brands + More)

Among the different types of spirits, vodka has the most variety because vodka can be made from any foodstuff that contains sugar or starch including grapes.

If you have not had grape vodka before, you might be wondering what grape vodka is and whether you should buy grape vodka. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

What Is Grape Vodka?

Grape vodka is simply vodka that uses grapes as its base ingredient. While vodka can legally be made from any foodstuff, purists believe that grape vodka is not authentic vodka. Nonetheless, grape vodkas like Ciroc and Guillotine are growing in popularity and it is expected that more grape vodka brands will appear in the vodka market.

In case you are interested to learn more about grape vodka including where grape vodka is made and which brands are made of grapes, keep reading!

What Does Grape Vodka Taste Like?

Grape vodka tastes different depending on the brand that you are drinking. However, grape vodka generally has a mild flavor with sweet and fruity notes.

Additionally, nuances in flavor exist because distillers may use different combinations of grapes as their base ingredient.

Is Grape Vodka Real Vodka?

Since grape vodkas fit the technical definition of vodka which requires vodka to have a neutral flavor and a minimum alcohol content of around 40%, grape vodka is considered real vodka.

Moreover, vodka is also legally described as a spirit that can be made from any foodstuff that contains sugar or starch, which makes grapes an excellent candidate.

Nonetheless, some purists believe grape vodka is not real vodka because only vodka made from potatoes or grains should be considered authentic.

Furthermore, grape-based spirits like grappa and brandy are distilled from wine just like grape vodka, making people question whether wine and grape vodka are the same.

Regardless of ongoing debates about grape vodka, brands like Ciroc and Guillotine are still regarded as authentic vodka by governing entities.

How Many Calories Does Grape Vodka Have?

Grape vodkas have varying calorie contents depending on the brand. Generally, grape vodkas have around 97 calories per 1.5 ounces, like Ciroc vodka.

How Much Alcohol Is In A Grape Vodka?

Grape vodkas can have varying amounts of alcohol content, but grape vodkas usually do not go lower than 40% ABV or 80 proof.

Additionally, grape vodka is not a flavor, but a type of vodka produced from grapes, so unless distillers add sugar, there is typically no need to lower the ABV to 35 to 30%.

However, for grape-flavored vodkas, the alcohol content is around 30 to 35% ABV or 60 to 70 proof for the vodka to retain the grape flavor.

What Is The Best Grape Vodka?

Currently, some of the most recognized grape vodkas in terms of quality and sales are Ciroc, Veuve Capet, Guillotine, and Cobalte.

Nevertheless, there have not been any official blind taste tests or competition to confirm which of the grape vodkas around the world are superior.

Additionally, Ciroc, Veuve Capet, Guillotine, and Cobalte are all French grape vodkas. Countries like Australia and America produce quality grape vodkas too.

Are All Grape Vodkas Made In France?

Not all grape vodkas are made in France. Australia produces premium grape vodkas too in the form of Bombora vodka, Cooranbong vodka, and Elegance vodka to name a few.

As for American grape vodkas, there is Hangar 1, which is a blend of Viognier grapes and wheat, and Smoke Point Vodka, a limited edition vodka made from Napa Valley grapes.

With the popularity of grape vodkas, experts believe that more countries will be producing their own grape vodkas.

Who Makes Grape Flavored Vodka?

Who Makes Grape Flavored Vodka?

Here is a list of vodka brands that are grape-based:

  • Guillotine Vodka
  • Veuve Capet
  • Cobalte Vodka
  • Thompson’s Vodka
  • Hangar 1 Vodka
  • Kizlyarka Vodka
  • Ciroc Vodka
  • Cooranbong Vodka
  • Bombora Vodka
  • Smoke Point

Is Grey Goose Vodka Made From Grapes?

Grey Goose is a French brand that is produced from Picardie winter wheat, not grapes. Additionally, Grey Goose has never used grapes as a base ingredient for their vodkas.

Is Tito’s Vodka Made From Grapes?

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is made from non-GMO yellow corn, not grapes. Moreover, Tito’s has never used grapes to produce their vodka, and Tito’s does not have grape-flavored vodka.

Is Ciroc Made Of Grapes?

Ciroc is the pioneer of grape vodkas and Ciroc vodka is made from two types of grapes, namely the Ugni blanc and the Mauzac blanc.

Does Grape Vodka Have Carbs?

Grape vodkas typically have no carbs or have less than a gram of carbs. However, the carb content of grape vodkas differs per brand.

Is There Grape-Flavored Vodka?

Grape vodkas are not flavored vodkas, and just like other types of vodkas, grape vodkas generally have a neutral flavor profile.

If you are looking for vodkas that taste like grapes, here is a list you can refer to:

  • Pinnacle Grape Vodka
  • Smirnoff Grape Flavored Vodka
  • UV Grape Vodka
  • Three Olives Grape Vodka
  • Burnett’s Grape Vodka
  • Karkov Grape Flavored Vodka
  • Rubinoff Grape Vodka
  • Faber Grape Flavored Vodka
  • Skyy Moscato Grape Infusion
  • Seagram’s Grape Flavored Vodka
  • Absolut Grape Vodka
  • Pucker Vodka Grape Gone Wild
  • Taaka Grape Vodka
  • Fris Grape Vodka

What Do You Mix With Grape Vodka?

Grape vodka has a predominantly neutral taste, making grape vodka suitable for all kinds of cocktails.

However, if you want to enjoy the fresh citrus notes of grape vodka, you can mix grape vodka with club soda, tonic water, lemonade, or fresh fruit juices.

Grape vodka is best used for fruit-flavored cocktails that have mild sweetness. For something closer in flavor to grape vodka, use rosé flavored beverages.

What Is The Difference Between Grape Vodka And Brandy?

Grape vodka and brandy are both made from grapes. After the grapes have been fermented, grape vodka and brandy are distilled to achieve a higher concentration of ethanol.

However, grape vodka is diluted, filtered, and bottled to proof right after distillation. Brandy, on the other hand, must be aged in oak barrels to mature.

Additionally, brandy has an amber color, while grape vodka is clear. Flavor-wise, brandy is stronger and richer while grape vodka is neutral.

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Grape vodka is a type of vodka that is growing in popularity all over the world thanks to grape vodka’s mild and refreshing taste.

Contrary to popular belief, grape vodka is not a vodka flavor, and grape vodka does not actually taste like grapes. However, grape vodka does distinguish itself from other types of vodkas.

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