What Is German Mustard? + Other Common FAQs

Mustard is a delicious condiment used around the world, and Germany is well-known for its mustards.

However, you may not know a lot about German mustard. Get to know more about German mustard below!

What Is German Mustard?

German mustard is typically categorized as Dusseldorf mustard or Bavarian sweet. German mustard’s recipe calls for whole or coarsely ground mustard seeds and German mustard flavors can range from sweet to extra hot. Before mustard was used as a condiment, mustard was first used as medicine and flavoring around Germany.

So what makes German mustard German? Keep reading to find out!

What Is German Mustard Called?

German mustard is also known as “senf” or “mostrich”, and german mustard is known all over Germany as a condiment and ingredient in recipes.

Some popular types of German mustard are Bavarian weißwurstsenf, Dusseldorf Scharfer senf, and German medium delikatess senf.

Most German mustards are made with whole or slightly ground mustard seeds mixed with whatever the recipe calls for.

Certain cities in Germany have their preference of taste depending on what they are used to.

For example, the Bavarian sweet mustard is the only mustard people in Bavaria prefer to use.

Types of German mustard have evolved and grown to more kinds of flavors and combinations that are being made all over Germany.

What Are The Different Kinds Of German Mustard?

Germans use three different kinds of mustard in their homes, which are Senfkorner, Senfpulver, and Senf (commonly called German mustard).

Senfkorner, or whole mustard seed mustard, is typically used by Germans to season sauces or meat.

Senfpulver, or dry mustard powder, is used in cooking as senfpulver is easy to mix with other ingredients.

Finally, the senf, or the paste, is the most common mustard in Germany, and there are many types of senf available.

Each German city has their own favorites and preferences, but the two most famous German senf is the Dusseldorf and the Bavarian sweet.

Dusseldorf, or Scharfer senf, is the known spicy mustard of Germany, being made with a lot of brown mustard seed, which is considerably hotter than other German mustards.

Weißwurstsenf, or the Bavarian sweet, is made from coarsely ground mustard seeds and has added applesauce or honey, making Bavarian sweet a lot sweeter.

What Is German Mustard Like?

Variety is key to most German mustards, and these mustards can range from sweet to spicy, to coarse and fine.

Some German mustards also involve extra ingredients, like applesauce, honey, or horseradish for a unique taste.

Prepared mustards in Germany can contain a variety of other flavors like mango, orange, lemon, and even chili peppers.

What Is German Mustard Used For?

What Is German Mustard Used For?

German mustard can go well with almost anything you want, but most types of German mustard have their own pairings.

Dusseldorf, or German hot mustard, is traditionally used in authentic German dishes. Senfrostbrasten, a roasted steak dish, is usually served with Dusseldorf mustard.

Additionally, Dusseldorf is also served as garnish for cold cuts and as a condiment for sausages like Thuringian bratwurst.

Sweet mustard or Bavarian sweet is usually served with sausages because sweet mustard adds a different flavor profile to these meaty dishes.

Medium hot German mustards are served with fish and meat pates and are usually mixed in with horseradish before serving.

Other German mustards are combined or paired with meat, grilled sausages, pretzels, crackers, and cheese.

German mustard combines amazing flavor with anything you add German mustard to without masking the original taste, which is why German mustard is such a well-loved condiment.

How Did German Mustard Start?

Germans have loved mustard since mustard was used for medicinal purposes in the Middle Ages.

In the past, German mustard was sold in pharmacies for treating certain wounds and ailments before mustard was used as a condiment.

Mustard was also used as a spice since the early Germans lacked knowledge of other spices to use and there weren’t many flavorings around, apart from mustard.

Dusseldorf was the first city in Germany to produce mustard in 1726 and continues producing mustard to this day, making Germany one of the most popular countries in mustard production.

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Germany is one of the top producing countries of mustard, and German mustard is an amazing condiment.

Moreover, there are many types of German mustard with a multitude of uses to suit your culinary needs.

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