What Is Carbalose Flour? (What Is It Made Of, What’s It For, Substitutes + Taste) 

Many recipes call for flour since flour is useful and keeps people full, but some people cannot consume carbohydrates regularly from flour due to lifestyle choices and dietary restrictions, which is why flour alternatives like Carbalose flour exist.

If you have never heard of Carbalose flour before, you may be wondering what Carbalose flour is. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

What Is Carbalose Flour?

Carbalose flour is a type of unique flour that contains 50-80% fewer carbohydrates than traditional wheat flour. Despite containing fewer carbs, Carbalose flour taste, looks, and feels very similar to wheat flour, and some people compare Carbalose flour to cake flour. However, Carbalose flour does contain gluten since Carbalose flour contains some wheat.

If you want to learn what kind of texture Carbalose flour has, what Carbalose flour is used for, and what you can use instead of Carbalose flour, keep reading!

What Is Carbalose Flour Made Of?

Carbalose flour’s ingredients are enzyme enriched wheat components, which include wheat starch, vital wheat gluten, wheat protein, wheat fiber, and high protein wheat flour.

Additionally, Carbalose flour contains other ingredients like fibers (soybean and oats), canola oil, emulsifiers, enzymes, salt, and ascorbic acid.

However, there are other variants of Carbalose flour, like Tova Industries’ Carbalose flour, that do not contain ingredients like soy protein.

What Does Carbalose Flour Taste Like?

Generally, most people state that Carbalose flour tastes the same as regular flour, which means Carbalose has a fairly neutral flavor when cooked.

What Texture Does Carbalose Flour Have?

When raw, Carbalose flour has a normal flour-like texture similar to traditional flour and Carbalose flour is not grainy.

When cooked, Carbalose flour offers a cake-like texture in most baked recipes, so it is easy to mistake Carbalose flour for cake flour and all-purpose flour when cooked.

What Is Special About Carbalose Flour?

What makes Carbalose flour special from other types of flour is that Carbalose flour is regarded as a “revolutionary” flour since Carbalose flour is low in carbs.

How many carbs are in Carbalose flour will depend on what brand you get, but Carbalose flour usually has 50-80% fewer carbs than regular flour.

Moreover, Carbalose flour is said to be nearly identical to traditional wheat flour in terms of flavor and texture, so you may not notice if someone used Carbalose flour in your dish.

What Is Carbalose Flour Used For?

Typically, the main purpose of Carbalose flour is to replace flour in most recipes since Carbalose flour is extremely close to traditional wheat flour.

Generally, Carbalose flour is regarded as all-purpose flour, so you can use Carbalose flour in cakes, cookies, muffins, and other recipes that call for wheat flour.

However, the most popular use for Carbalose flour is as a substitute for wheat flour which is low in carbs.

Carbalose flour is said to contain fewer carbs than traditional wheat flour, making Carbalose a popular option for people on low-carb diets.

Who Makes Carbalose Flour?

Who Makes Carbalose Flour?

While several brands make their versions of Carbalose flour, Tova Industries is the company best known for making Carbalose flour.

Is Carbalose Flour The Same As Carbquik?

Technically, Carbalose flour and Carbquik are not the same, but the two flours have similar ingredients.

Carbalose flour is simply flour, and Carbalose flour functions the same way all-purpose flour would work in most recipes.

On the other hand, Carbquik contains Carbalose flour and other ingredients that would be in a Bisquik, such as lard, baking powder, and salt.

Therefore, Carbquik contains more ingredients that make Carbquik convenient, but not as versatile as Carbalose flour.

For instance, Carbquik may be a fine choice if you need to make a quick bread recipe, but Carbalose flour will work in almost any recipe that calls for all-purpose flour.

Does Carbalose Flour Have Soy?

You would need to check the manufacturer of your Carbalose flour to learn if the Carbalose flour has soy since each manufacturer has a different recipe.

For instance, Carbalose flour made by Tova Industries contains soy because Tova Industries adds soy protein.

Does Carbalose Flour Have Gluten?

Despite having fewer carbs than regular wheat flour, Carbalose flour still contains gluten because Carbalose flour has some wheat.

Can Diabetics Eat Carbalose Flour?

Generally, it is safe for people with diabetes to eat Carbalose flour because Carbalose contains fewer carbs and is low on the glycemic index, which is ideal for most diabetic diets.

However, it is important to remember that people with diabetes should not eat too much Carbalose flour in a short period because overconsumption could spike blood sugar levels.

Can  I Substitute Carbalose Flour For Flour?

In most cases, you can use Carbalose flour instead of flour since the purpose of Carbalose flour is to replace traditional wheat flour.

You can use Carbalose flour in most recipes that call for all-purpose flour since Carbalose flour will offer you nearly the same texture and flavor.

However, Carbalose flour may shine best in recipes like tender cakes since most people note that Carbalose flour has a cake-like texture when baked.

What Can I Substitute For Carbalose Flour?

If you are not concerned about how many carbs you consume, you can use all-purpose wheat flour in most of your recipes.

Additionally, flour like almond flour is another good low-carb alternative to Carbalose flour because almond flour has around 25 grams of carbs per cup.

While coconut flour may have slightly more carbs than almond flour, coconut flour still has fewer carbs than traditional wheat flour since coconut flour has around 50 grams of carbs per cup.

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Carbalose flour is flour that contains less wheat than regular wheat flour, making Carbalose flour a low-carb and keto-friendly flour alternative, but Carbalose flour still contains gluten.

Many people enjoy Carbalose flour because Carbalose flour tastes, feels, and functions almost the same as traditional wheat flour.

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