What Is Calrose Rice? (Type, Texture + Other Related FAQs)

Grain aisles in supermarkets provide an overwhelming number of options, from white and brown to glutinous and aromatic.

Additionally, there is Calrose rice, which is one of the most popular rice variants in America. Before trying Calrose rice, you’ll want to know exactly what Calrose rice is. Here’s what I found!

What Is Calrose Rice?

Calrose rice is medium-grain rice that is cultivated in California, hence its name. While ‘Cal’ stands for California, ‘rose’ is a choice that has to do with a naming tradition including ‘Blue Rose.’ Additionally, Calrose rice tends to be sticky when cooked and is, therefore, the ideal choice for rice-based desserts and dishes like sushi.

In case you want to learn more about the origins of Calrose rice and what differentiates Calrose rice from other rice variants, keep reading!

What Kind Of Rice Is Calrose Rice?

Calrose rice is medium-grain rice so Calrose tends to have a soft and sticky consistency.

Is Calrose Rice Short Grain?

Calrose rice has no short-grain variants. Nevertheless, Calrose rice is similar enough to authentic Japanese short-grain rice that Calrose rice is often used as an alternative to making Japanese dishes.

Is Calrose Rice Long Grain?

Calrose rice is traditionally medium-grain and has no long-grain variants. Nonetheless, Calrose rice is still an acceptable alternative for dishes that use long-grain rice.

Is Calrose Rice Sticky?

Calrose rice is stickier than the average long-grain rice but not as sticky as short-grain rice.

However, Calrose rice can be sticky enough to be used for dishes that are designed to retain certain shapes or support a certain texture.

Technically, Calrose rice can be considered a type of sticky rice just like most short-grain rice variants.

What Is Botan Calrose Rice?

Botan is a rice brand that sells extra fancy Calrose rice. Like most Calrose rice, Botan Calrose rice is grown in California.

Additionally, Botan Calrose rice has been JFC’s best-selling rice product for several years, mainly because of the quality of the rice and its reasonable price.

What Is California Calrose Rice?

California Calrose rice is simply Calrose rice that is grown in California. While Calrose rice originated from California, Calrose rice does grow in countries like Australia.

What Is Calrose White Rice?

Calrose white rice is refined Calrose rice and is an in-demand rice variant, especially in the United States.

Additionally, Calrose white rice was once so popular in Korea that it was being sold in the black market in massive quantities.

What Is Calrose Brown Rice?

Calrose brown rice is Calrose rice that hasn’t been polished enough to remove the outer bran, therefore giving the grains their brown color.

While Calrose brown rice has a nutty flavor that Calrose white rice lacks, Calrose brown rice can be just as soft and sticky as Calrose white rice when cooked properly.

Is Calrose Rice Glutinous Rice?

Is Calrose Rice Glutinous Rice?

Generally, sticky rice refers to a wide variety of short-grain Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese rice, but Calrose rice has so many similarities to them in terms of taste and gumminess.

As such, while Calrose rice is not short-grain, Calrose rice is considered glutinous rice or sticky rice.

Is Calrose Rice The Same As Sticky Rice?

Calrose rice is considered a type of sticky rice, but Calrose rice is not synonymous with sticky rice the way Japanese short-grain rice is.

Additionally, Calrose Rice is not labeled as sticky rice. Even if Calrose rice can serve as an alternative to traditional sticky rice, Calrose rice is typically consumed like regular rice.

Is Calrose Rice Regular White Rice?

Despite the stickiness of Calrose rice, Calrose rice is more often regarded as regular rice than a sticky rice

Moreover, Calrose rice is one of the most common types of white rice in the United States, and many American households prefer to use only Calrose rice.

Is Calrose Rice The Same As Sushi Rice?

Sushi rice isn’t technically a rice variant like Calrose rice. Traditionally, sushi rice is made using short-grain rice and is flavored with vinegar, salt, and sugar.

Meanwhile, Calrose rice is a type of medium-grain rice that is sticky enough to be used to make sushi rice. Nonetheless, Calrose rice isn’t typically the first choice in making sushi rice.

However, some Japanese restaurants in America often use Calrose rice because Calrose rice provides sufficient stickiness to make high-quality sushi.

Is Calrose Rice The Same As Egyptian Rice?

Egyptian rice is short-grain rice, although at times medium rice like Calrose rice can also be used to make traditional Egyptian rice dishes.

Is Calrose Rice Gluten-Free?

Just like most rice variants, Calrose rice is gluten-free and is therefore safe for celiacs to consume.

However, Calrose rice can be contaminated with gluten during the cooking process, which is why it is important for celiacs to always practice caution.

What Is The Difference Between Calrose Rice And Jasmine Rice?

Jasmine rice is a long-grain aromatic rice that has a sweet, floral flavor and a soft, fluffy texture. Typically, Jasmine rice is cultivated in Thailand.

In comparison, Calrose rice is medium-grain and mostly grown in California. Additionally, Calrose rice tends to be sticky and is more similar to short-grain white rice.

What Is Calrose Rice Good For?

Calrose rice is good for making a wide assortment of dishes, especially Asian cuisine that requires stickiness.

Generally, you can use Calrose rice to make anything from sushi and rice pudding to stir-fried rice and paella.

Is Calrose Rice Good For Onigiri?

Calrose rice can be used to make onigiri, but Calrose rice isn’t the ideal type of rice for this dish. When making onigiri, it is still best to stick to short-grain white rice.

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Calrose rice is medium-grain rice that is grown in California and places with similar terroir and climate like Australia. Additionally, Calrose rice comes in white and brown formats.

When cooked correctly, Calrose rice turns out sticky enough to be used for making sushi and other rice-based dishes. As such, Calrose rice can be considered a type of sticky rice.

Nonetheless, the majority of Calrose rice consumers prepare Calrose rice like regular rice and pair it with a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes.

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