What Is Bullet Rice? (Everything You Need To Know)

Eating delicious and nutrient-dense rice is important to many people around the globe. As such, people are always on the lookout for the next best rice in the market, and one popular example is Bullet rice.

Before you try Bullet rice, you’ll want to know what Bullet rice is. I looked into it, and here’s what I found!

What Is Bullet Rice?

Contrary to popular belief, Bullet rice is not a rice variant. Rather, Bullet rice is a popular rice brand that sells all types of rice, from Basmati to Kolam. However, Bullet rice is almost synonymous with Kolam rice, which is why people sometimes say ‘Bullet rice’ instead of ‘Kolam rice’ when referring to the same thing.

In case you’re interested to learn more about where Bullet rice originated and why Bullet rice is in such high demand, keep reading!

What Is Bullet Kolam Rice?

Bullet Kolam rice is what you call Kolam rice sold by the GTS Bullet company. Generally, the GTS Bullet company sells Kolam rice in different formats including steamed and raw.

Is Bullet Rice And Kolam Rice The Same?

While Bullet rice and Kolam rice are sometimes used interchangeably by locals in India, Bullet rice is not the same as Kolam rice.

Technically, Kolam is a rice variant that is served as a substitute for Basmati rice. GTS Bullet is simply one of the many manufacturers and retailers of Kolam rice in India.

Is Bullet Rice A Raw Rice?

Bullet rice, which is often referred to as Kolam rice, can be sold in different formats. There is Bullet rice that is sold raw, and there is also Bullet rice sold boiled, steamed, or aged.

However, there’s no confirmation if all Kolam rice from GTS Bullet is still sold in those formats, and whether some have been discontinued.

Is Bullet Rice And Rice The Same?

Bullet is a rice brand, which is why Bullet rice cannot be compared at all to a grain like rice.

However, if Bullet rice is used to refer to Kolam rice, it’s reasonable to say that Kolam rice shares many similar characteristics to regular rice.

Like regular rice, Kolam rice has a predominantly neutral flavor, but Kolam rice does have slightly floral and nutty undertones that are reminiscent of Basmati rice.

Moreover, Kolam rice is cooked the same way you cook white rice except you have to soak Kolam rice first like brown rice.

Is Bullet Rice Basmati Rice?

Is Bullet Rice Basmati Rice?

Bullet rice can also be Basmati rice since the GTS Bullet company also sells Basmati rice.

However, if you’re referring to Kolam rice, it’s important to note that Kolam rice is not the same as Basmati rice.

Generally, Kolam rice is medium-grain while Basmati rice is long-grain. Additionally, Basmati rice has a stronger flavor and aroma than Kolam rice.

Which Is Better, Bullet Rice Or Basmati Rice?

Many people would say that Basmati rice is better than Bullet rice or Kolam rice. This is because Basmati rice has longer grains and a stronger aroma and flavor.

With these characteristics, Basmati rice elevates traditional Indian dishes and other international cuisines. Additionally, Basmati rice is firm and easy to separate.

Moreover, Basmati rice comes with plenty of micronutrients like selenium, thiamine, and folate. On the downside, Basmati rice is also high in carbohydrates.

Meanwhile, Bullet rice or Kolam rice is considered healthier because Kolam rice has a lower glycemic index and has been proven to lower cholesterol and aid in digestion.

Is Bullet Rice Short-Grain?

GTS Bullet company currently doesn’t sell short-grain rice. As for Kolam rice, the exact sizes vary, but they usually fall within the medium-length range.

Consequently, Kolam rice is widely accepted as medium-grain rice.

Is Bullet Rice Glutinous Rice?

Bullet rice or Kolam rice is not considered glutinous rice since Kolam rice is a medium-length variety. As such, Kolam rice naturally has less starch than glutinous or sticky rice.

As for GTS Bullet company, they are currently not selling glutinous rice.

Where Does Bullet Rice Come From?

GTS Bullet company’s infrastructure is in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India, although it’s not clear whether that’s also where they harvest their Kolam rice.

Meanwhile, there is a variety called Wada Kolam rice that is grown in Wada in Maharashtra’s Palghar district.

What Does Bullet Rice Taste Like?

Bullet rice or Kolam rice has a taste similar to Basmati rice, only milder. On the palate, Kolam rice has a light nutty flavor with floral notes.

Does Bullet Rice Have Gluten?

Since Bullet rice or Kolam rice is a natural form of rice, Kolam rice is considered gluten-free and is safe for celiacs to consume.

Is Bullet Rice Vegan?

While there’s no reason specified, Bullet rice has confirmed that it is not vegan-friendly.

There’s reason to believe that where meat products aren’t directly used, the company could be using items such as bone char, therefore making their products not suitable for vegans.

Is Bullet Rice Vegetarian?

Bullet rice claims to be a vegetarian product. However, no reason was given as to why Bullet rice is vegetarian but not vegan.

How Do You Eat Bullet Rice?

Bullet rice or Kolam rice can be eaten just like regular rice. You can pair Kolam rice with a wide array of meat and vegetable dishes since Kolam rice is similar to regular rice.

Additionally, if you run out of Basmati rice, Kolam rice is one of the best alternatives you can use. This is especially true if you’re preparing traditional Indian foods.

What Is GTS Bullet Rice?

GTS Bullet rice is a rice manufacturer, exporter, and supplier based in India. Additionally, GTS Bullet rice is the largest selling brand in South India.

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GTS Bullet rice is a popular rice brand in India that primarily sells Kolam rice. Consequently, Bullet rice became synonymous with Kolam rice, and they became interchangeable terms.

Kolam rice, often referred to now as Bullet rice, is medium-grain rice that has a taste and aroma similar to Basmati rice, only milder.

While Basmati rice is considered more delicious than Kolam rice, it is Kolam rice that is acknowledged as the healthier rice variant.

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