What Is Black Rice? (What It’s Made Of, What It Tastes Like + More)

Are you planning on giving up white rice? In the course of looking for an alternative that will benefit your lifestyle, you’ll surely come across black rice.

If you’ve never heard of or tasted black rice before, you might be wondering what exactly black rice is. I looked into it, and here’s what I found!

What Is Black Rice?

Black rice is a rice variant that has a black color when raw and deep purple color when cooked. Traditionally, black rice was consumed only by the Chinese royal family, giving it the name ‘forbidden rice.’ Additionally, black rice is more nutritious than other rice variants, making black rice ideal when switching to a healthier lifestyle.

In case you’re interested to learn more about the origins of black rice and what makes black rice the preferred rice by many people all over the world, keep on reading!

What Is Black Rice Made Of?

Black rice is a rice variant, not a dish and as such, black rice consists only of grains that still have most of their outer layers intact.

Additionally, black rice has a pigment called anthocyanin, which is responsible for giving black rice a deep purple-black color.

What Is Special About Black Rice?

Black rice was also known as forbidden rice in China because black rice was rare and superior to other rice variants in terms of nutritional value.

As such, black rice was reserved only for the Chinese emperor and members of the royal family.

Today, black rice is considered the rice of choice when it comes to gourmet meals. Additionally, people switch to black rice when they transition to a healthier lifestyle.

What Does Black Rice Taste Like?

Black rice has a roasted, nutty flavor and a chewy texture that is richer than regular brown rice.

However, the specific nuances of your black rice depend on how the manufacturer processed the black rice and the brand you’re buying.

Is Black Rice Expensive?

Compared to other rice variants, black rice tends to be more expensive because black rice is difficult to grow and the yield is far less than other rice variants.

Black rice often yields only ten percent of the harvest that white and brown rice does.

As such, black rice requires more land, time, and effort to come up with black rice in the same quantities as white and brown rice.

Can We Eat Black Rice Daily?

Can We Eat Black Rice Daily?

There’s nothing to suggest that people cannot eat black rice daily. In fact, the nutritional value of black rice makes black rice a better option than regular white rice.

This is especially true in places like Asia where rice is considered an important part of every meal.

Is Red Rice Or Black Rice Better?

In terms of taste, black rice is chewier and has stronger earthy undertones. Meanwhile, red rice tends to be subtler but still flavorful enough to have a distinct taste.

As for nutritional value, red rice has more protein and antioxidants while black rice has more fiber.

Additionally, black rice has a glycemic index of forty-three whereas red rice has a glycemic index of fifty-five. As such, black rice is better for diabetics than red rice.

Ultimately, whether red rice is better than black rice depends on your dietary needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Is Black Rice Better Than Wild Rice?

It largely depends on the person whether black rice is better than wild rice as both can take time getting used to if you’re accustomed to eating only white rice.

Black rice has a distinct earthy flavor while wild rice tastes grassy and smoky. As such, some dishes suit black rice more than wild rice and vice versa.

In terms of versatility, black rice is superior because black rice can be used as a substitute for most dishes that traditionally use white, brown, and red rice.

What Is The Difference Between Black Rice And Purple Rice?

Black rice is the same as purple rice. While black rice initially has a black color, the cooking process turns the grains a dark shade of purple.

Which Is Better Black Rice Or Brown Rice?

Determining the superior rice between black rice and brown rice depends on your health requirements and preferences in flavor.

Generally, black rice is considered healthier than brown rice and a great substitute for white rice if you’re trying to manage your weight.

However, brown rice is easier to cook, and while brown rice has a nutty taste, brown rice is closer in flavor to white rice than black rice is.

What Is The Difference Between White And Black Rice?

Black rice is unpolished rice, which means black rice is inherently healthier than white rice, which is so thoroughly polished, only the starchy endosperm of the grains remains.

Additionally, white rice is mostly bland, while black rice has a distinct nutty flavor and aroma.

Moreover, white rice has a significantly higher glycemic index than black rice, and white rice is also much higher in calories.

Nonetheless, white rice is easier to cook and pair with a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes.

Does Black Rice Digest Easily?

Black rice digests slower than other rice variants because black rice has a higher fiber content.

Does Black Rice Make You Poop?

Since black rice is rich in fiber, you’ll not only be satiated sooner, but you’ll also feel the need to visit the bathroom more often.

Generally, this happens because fiber helps get rid of the toxins and waste in your gastrointestinal tract by inducing a more regular bowel movement.

Why Is Black Rice Called Forbidden Rice?

Black rice was called forbidden rice because black rice was not allowed to be consumed by anyone else except for the Chinese emperor and whoever he wanted to share it with.

Traditionally, this belief sprouted from the fact that black rice is nutrition-dense and can prolong one’s life, and nobody else deserved that than the Chinese emperor.

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Black rice, also called purple rice or forbidden rice, is considered the healthiest rice variant in the market today.

Additionally, black rice is so healthy that black rice used to be eaten only by the Chinese emperor and the royal family in ancient China.

While black rice is available to everyone today, black rice tends to be quite expensive because black rice is difficult to grow.

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