What Is Absolut Vodka Made From? (Ingredients + Properties)

Absolut is a name vodka drinkers worldwide would no doubt recognize. Apart from their clever marketing, the vodka itself is a remarkable product.

Many are naturally curious about what goes into such a great liquor and you may be wondering what Absolut Vodka is made from. Here’s what I learned!

What Is Absolut Vodka Made From?

Absolut Vodka uses winter wheat as a base ingredient for their vodka. Moreover, this winter wheat is specially grown in Ahus, Sweden. Similarly, Absolut gets its water from a deep well in Ahus, which protects it from impurities. For their flavored vodkas, Absolut claims to use only natural ingredients taken from a variety of berries, spices, and fruits.

If you want to learn more about what Absolut Vodka is made from, and whether it can be classified as organic and vegan, keep on reading!

What Kind Of Grain Is Absolut Vodka Made From?

Absolut Vodka is made from winter wheat sourced from Ahus, which is a locality in Skåne County, Sweden.

Unlike other winter wheat grown in Ahus, the one Absolut uses is sown in the fall of one year and collected in the fall of the following year.

Is Absolut Vodka Made From Potatoes?

Absolut Vodka is made from winter wheat, not potatoes. At the time Absolut was revived by Vin & Sprit in 1979, they decided that they wouldn’t use potatoes as all other distillers did.

Is Absolut Vodka Corn-Based?

Absolut Vodka is not corn-based. Rather, it is wheat-based. While both are grains, they produce different tastes and viscosities.

Corn vodka tends to be sweet with buttery qualities while wheat vodka has a lightness and crispness that makes it distinct.

What Is Absolut Citron Vodka Made From?

Absolut Citron is made from regular Absolut Vodka and citrus essences from lemon. Lime is also added to the infusion to give Absolut Citron more character.

Is Absolut Real Vodka?

Absolut Vodka is real vodka. It meets the standard definition of one according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Additionally, regular Absolut vodkas have proofs that range from 80 to 100 and possess a neutral flavor profile.

Is Absolut A Clean Vodka?

What Is Absolut Vodka Made From?

Absolut is a clean vodka because they do not use sugar or citric acid to correct the taste of their vodkas. Moreover, even Absolut’s flavored vodkas have no added sugar.

Is Absolut Vodka Wheat-Free?

Since Absolut Vodka is made from winter wheat, it is not originally wheat-free.

Along the process of producing alcohol from wheat, however, all wheat elements are eliminated.

Among these elements removed are gluten proteins. As a result, Absolut Vodka is gluten-free.

Moreover, Absolut requires all tier flavor suppliers to provide allergen-free documentation to confirm that their vodkas do not contain allergens like wheat.

Nevertheless, some flavored vodkas like Absolut Citron cannot be classified as wheat-free because they could’ve come into contact with trace allergens during production.

Is Absolut Vodka A Grain Alcohol?

Absolut Vodka is a grain alcohol because it is made from winter wheat, which is a type of grain. Additionally, it is made from grain alcohol, but it is not officially classified as one.

Grain alcohol, also called a rectified spirit, is used to create liquors like vodka by watering them down to bottling proof. It commonly has a minimum of 95% ABV.

Absolut’s highest proof vodka, the Absolut 100 Proof, has an alcohol by volume of only 50%. As such, it cannot be classified as a grain alcohol.

Is Absolut Vodka Organic?

Absolut is non-GMO, but it is not organic.

When a product is non-GMO, it means they do not use GMO ingredients. Nonetheless, this doesn’t include the use of toxic chemicals that makes a vodka non-organic.

Is Absolut Vodka Yeast?

At one point in the production process, Absolut Vodka contains yeast. After all, yeast is what extracts the sugar from the winter wheat and produces ethanol.

However, repeated distillation removes the yeast until the vodka is as pure as can be.

Is Absolut Vodka Keto-Friendly?

Absolut Vodka contains zero carbs, making it keto-friendly. However, since it is alcoholic, it must be consumed in moderation as drinking heavily while on a ketogenic diet may slow down the body’s rate of ketosis.

Is Absolut Vodka Vegan?

Absolut Vodka is vegan because it does not contain any animal products, either in the vodka itself or the filtration process. They do not use animal bone char as charcoal either.

Furthermore, Absolut Vodka uses only winter wheat, water, yeast, and enzymes in creating their unflavored vodkas.

With their flavored varieties, Absolut makes use of all-natural ingredients from botanicals and fruits.

Is Absolut Vodka Acidic?

Absolut Vodka is a neutral spirit, which means its ideal pH level is 7.0. That said, this can lower to 6.0 or increase to 8.0, depending on certain factors.

In most cases, top-shelf vodkas like Absolut are more neutral or alkali. It’s the bottom-shelf vodkas that normally use citric acid, thereby putting their vodka lower on the pH scale.

Does Absolut Vodka Contain Propylene Glycol?

Absolut Vodka does not contain propylene glycol. While some vodkas may use it as an additive, tests proved that Absolut Vodka is not one of them.

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Absolut Vodka is made from Swedish winter wheat and water that are sourced in Ahus.

Unlike other wheat, Absolut’s winter wheat is harvested in the fall the following year. Moreover, Absolut collects its water from a deep well that protects it from impurities.

By combining Absolut’s specially grown winter wheat and carefully sourced water, they are able to come up with a clean, grainy taste with hints of dried fruits.

Thanks to their high-quality ingredients and processes, Absolut is able to make its vodkas gluten-free and vegan-friendly. However, they cannot be classified as organic.

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