What Is A Vodka Cruiser? (Ingredients, Flavors + More)

When you cannot stomach the taste of vodka straight or in mixed drinks, know that there are other creative ways to drink vodka, starting with Vodka Cruisers.

If you are a straight-laced spirits enthusiast, you might be wondering what a Vodka Cruiser is and whether it will satiate your alcohol cravings. I looked into it, and here is what I discovered!

What Is A Vodka Cruiser?

A Vodka Cruiser is a premixed vodka-based drink often likened to alcopops. Additionally, Vodka Cruiser comes in 17 different flavors, most of which are fruit-inspired. Since Vodka Cruisers’ launch in 2001, Vodka Cruisers have attained considerable success and have recently released new formats of their products, namely Vodka Cruiser Black and Vodka Cruiser Sugar-Free.

If you want to learn more about Vodka Cruisers and what makes them so popular, keep reading!

What Are Vodka Cruisers Made Of?

Generally, Vodka Cruisers are made of vodka, carbonated water, flavors, sweeteners, colors, food acids, and preservatives.

However, these ingredients may vary in quantity or may not be present in certain flavors or formats of Vodka Cruiser products.

What Vodka Is In A Vodka Cruiser?

Vodka Cruiser uses its trademark premium triple distilled vodka as the base spirit for all its products.

Nevertheless, Vodka Cruiser doesn’t disclose whether their trademark vodka is made from grain, potatoes, or other agricultural products.

How Do You Make Vodka Cruisers?

There are plenty of ways to make homemade Vodka Cruisers, and one of the most popular methods is to mix flavored vodka with soda water.

However, it is best if you choose high-quality soda water like Spindrift, Bubly, and La Croix Sparkling Water to make sure that there is enough carbonation in your Vodka Cruiser.

Additionally, you can add sugar or simple syrup to your homemade Vodka Cruiser to further imitate the taste of real Vodka Cruisers.

Are Vodka Cruisers High In Sugar?

While the amount of sugar in Vodka Cruisers are unknown, it is safe to assume that the quantity is enough to mask the alcoholic taste of vodka.

Additionally, the sugar content of Vodka Cruisers can vary depending on the flavor.

Nonetheless, Vodka Cruiser does have a sugar-free format, meaning consumers can enjoy the same Vodka Cruiser flavors minus any guilt about their sugar intake.

What Are All The Cruiser Flavors?

Vodka Cruiser has 8 iconic flavors that were relaunched to taste more natural in light of their lesser sugar content. Here is the list of those 8 flavors:

  • Wild Raspberry
  • Pure Pineapple
  • Lush Guava
  • Zesty Lemon-Lime
  • Sunny Orange Passionfruit
  • Bold Berry Blend
  • Ripe Strawberry
  • Juice Watermelon

Moreover, Vodka Cruiser comes in less-traditional flavors:

  • Mudshake
  • Pom Pom
  • Electric Pink

As for Vodka Cruiser Sugar-Free, it comes in 3 distinct flavors:

  • Sugar-Free Mixed Berry
  • Sugar-Free Mango Raspberry
  • Sugar-Free Pineapple

Furthermore, Vodka Cruiser has another format in the name of Vodka Cruiser Black, and it also comes in 3 flavors:

  • Cruiser Black Guava
  • Cruiser Black Lemon-Lime
  • Cruiser Black Raspberry

What Is The Alcohol Percentage Of A Vodka Cruiser?

Typically, Vodka Cruisers have 5% alcohol by volume. However, you can get Vodka Cruisers with 7% ABV in New Zealand.

Can A Vodka Cruiser Get You Drunk?

Can A Vodka Cruiser Get You Drunk?

It is possible to get drunk when consuming Vodka Cruisers. While Vodka Cruisers have a low alcohol content compared to spirits, they have the same ABV as most beers.

Since Vodka Cruisers are easy on the palate, it is easier to down several bottles of Vodka Cruisers in a short time and to overlook the amount of alcohol you have consumed.

How Many Cruisers Does It Take To Get Tipsy?

Different people have different alcohol tolerances, meaning the number of Vodka Cruisers that will cause signs of intoxication depends on the person.

However, if a person has a low alcohol tolerance, it would usually take just three bottles of Vodka Cruisers to get them tipsy.

Meanwhile, a person with a high alcohol tolerance can drink up to five or six bottles without showing signs of intoxication at all.

How Many Drinks Is A Cruiser?

Vodka Cruiser’s packaging indicates that each can of Vodka Cruiser has an alcohol content similar to a 1.6 standard drink.

Based on New Zealand’s definition of a standard drink, a can of Vodka Cruiser should be equivalent to 1.75 standard drinks instead.

Are Vodka Cruisers Good?

Whether Vodka Cruisers are good depends on the person. However, based on the popularity of Vodka Cruisers, it is safe to assume that many people think it is a good enough drink.

Moreover, while a lot of people like Vodka Cruisers, not all flavors are considered satisfactory.

Some of the least-liked flavors include the Sugar-Free Cruisers, Mudshake, Berry Blend, and Lemon-Lime.

Meanwhile, the most preferred flavors are Guava, Blueberry, Pineapple, Electric Pink, and Raspberry.

Do Vodka Cruisers Need To Be Refrigerated?

To prolong the life of Vodka Cruisers, it is best to keep Vodka Cruisers refrigerated or at least away from direct sunlight.

Unlike pure vodka, Vodka Cruisers have plenty of additives with a low alcohol content, meaning Vodka Cruisers will spoil if not stored correctly.

Why Are Vodka Cruisers So Popular?

Vodka Cruisers are popular because they are colorful and sweet-tasting alcoholic drinks that are associated with parties and music festivals.

Additionally, Vodka Cruisers appeal the most to teenagers and young adults, giving them a taste of vodka without actually indulging in the real thing.

What Is Vodka Cruiser Black?

Vodka Cruiser Black is a new format designed to appeal to more sophisticated male and female drinkers.

To do this, Vodka Cruiser Black bottles their products at 6.5% ABV and offers limited flavors like Lemon Lime, Raspberry, and Guava.

Additionally, Vodka Cruiser Black comes in sleek black or dark-colored boxes, which is a contrast to the colorful design of the original Vodka Cruiser products.

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A Vodka Cruiser is a popular vodka-based alcoholic drink that comes in over a dozen different flavors, including Guava, Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, Pineapple, and Strawberry.

While Vodka Cruiser uses vodka, it is bottled with an ABV similar to most beers, which is 5%, but a Vodka Cruiser Black is bottled at 6.5%.

In case you are looking for a lower-ABV drink that has the same fruitiness and zest as popular vodka cocktails, Vodka Cruisers are definitely worth the try.

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