What Does Sticky Rice Taste Like? (Flavors, Types + More)

Sticky rice is commonly used in Asian dishes like stuffing and dessert. With sticky rice’s similarities with white rice, you have likely mistaken one for the other.

In case you’re planning to make something that involves sticky rice, you might be wondering what sticky rice tastes like. I looked into it, and here’s what I discovered!

What Does Sticky Rice Taste Like?

Sticky rice, also known as glutinous rice and sweet rice, is typically sweeter than other rice variants. Nonetheless, the sweetness of sticky rice isn’t bold enough to overpower the flavor of anything you mix with the sticky rice. Additionally, for most people, sticky rice tastes just as bland as regular white rice.

In case you want to learn more about the taste of sticky rice and how sticky rice compares to other rice variants, keep reading!

Is Sticky Rice Chewy?

Every variant of sticky rice is known to have a chewy texture. While the grains stick together, sticky rice grains don’t mix to the point of becoming mushy.

However, when you don’t cook sticky rice correctly, sticky rice grains do tend to become too sticky to the point that they become difficult or unpleasant to consume.

Is Sticky Rice Bland?

Sticky rice has a distinct sweetness to it. However, sticky rice is not so sweet that everyone who eats sticky rice will immediately notice it.

For some people, sticky rice might taste as bland as regular white rice when eaten plain. Additionally, sticky rice’s flavor is neutral enough to complement a variety of flavors.

What Does Mango Sticky Rice Taste Like?

There are many ways to prepare mango sticky rice, and how mango sticky rice desserts end up tasting depends largely on the recipe you follow.

Generally, mango sticky rice has a combination of sweet and tangy tastes, mostly because of the mango.

When blended with salted coconut milk, the mango sticky rice develops a salty creaminess that complements the initial sweetness of the mango and sticky rice combo.

What Does Sweet Sticky Rice Taste Like?

As its name implies, sweet sticky rice has a more distinguishable degree of sweetness compared to regular rice.

Consequently, the sweetness of sticky rice makes sticky rice the ideal ingredient for a lot of Southeast Asian desserts.

What Does Black Sticky Rice Taste Like?

Just like regular sticky rice, black sticky rice is sweet. However, the sweetness of black sticky rice comes with nutty undertones that give black sticky rice a more rounded flavor.

Nonetheless, black sticky rice is not flavorful enough that black sticky rice won’t be influenced by any richer-tasting ingredients you add to it like coconut milk and fresh fruits.

What Does Bad Sticky Rice Taste Like?

Bad sticky rice will often taste bitter. If sticky rice has gone bad because of poor storage or it has surpassed its expiration date, the sticky rice will have molds or insects in it.

Either way, the growth of microorganisms in the sticky rice will give the sticky rice a gummy texture, an off-putting smell, and a bitter or acidic taste.

However, if the sticky rice got bad because you didn’t cook the sticky rice properly, the sticky rice will often just taste bitter or overly bland.

Determining the exact taste of bad sticky rice is also dependent on the specific type of sticky rice you’re using.

What Does Black Sticky Rice Pudding Taste Like?

What Does Black Sticky Rice Pudding Taste Like?

Black sticky rice pudding can be made using a large variety of recipes. As such, the taste of black sticky rice pudding will often vary.

Traditionally, however, black sticky rice has a predominantly sweet and creamy flavor due to the coconut cream and palm sugar used.

Additionally, black sticky rice has nutty undertones because of the black sticky rice’s earthy notes.

Why Does My Sticky Rice Taste Bad?

Sticky rice usually tastes bad if you do not cook the sticky rice properly or the sticky rice has begun to spoil.

If the sticky rice has developed molds or yellowish color, you should throw the sticky rice away as those are clear signs that the sticky rice has gone bad.

Moreover, the sticky rice can also taste bad if you bought a sticky rice variant that doesn’t suit your taste or the dish you’re trying to prepare.

Why Does My Sticky Rice Taste Bitter?

Sticky rice can taste bitter if you burn the sticky rice on a pan. If you plan to cook sticky rice on a stove, remember to use low heat and to continuously stir the rice.

Additionally, sticky rice can develop a bitter taste if the sticky rice is contaminated or you didn’t rinse and soak the sticky rice properly. 

Is Sticky Rice Different From White Rice?

Sticky rice is different from white rice in terms of taste, texture, and usage. While white rice is often paired with meat and vegetables, sticky rice is traditionally used in Asian desserts.

Furthermore, sticky rice often functions as a stuffing in ducks and dumplings.

In terms of taste, white rice is generally bland while sticky rice has a subtle but noticeable sweetness. Additionally, sticky rice is chewier than white rice.

Is Sweet Rice The Same As Sticky Rice?

Sweet rice is just another name for sticky rice because sticky rice is known to be sweeter than most rice variants, including Jasmine rice.

Are Sushi Rice And Sticky Rice The Same?

Sticky rice is often referred to as sushi rice because they share a lot of similar qualities. However, sushi rice is different from sticky rice and they are not interchangeable.

Most of the differences between sushi rice and sticky rice are texture, grain appearance, and usage. As such, it’s possible to mistake sushi rice for sticky rice in terms of taste alone.

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Sticky rice is a popular rice variant in Asian countries that are used to make different types of desserts, including sushi and pudding.

Since sticky rice is sweet and chewy, sticky rice can complement a wide assortment of flavors, including sticky rice with fruits, seaweed, and coconut milk.

Nevertheless, sticky rice can easily turn bitter and unappetizing when not cooked correctly. As such, it’s important to use the right methods and recipes when preparing sticky rice.

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