What Does Shirataki Rice Taste Like? (Flavor, Smell + More)

Made from a plant called Konnyaku Imo, Shirataki rice has been in wide use in countries like Japan and China for thousands of years because of Shirataki rice’s health benefits.

If you are tempted to switch to Shirataki rice, you might be wondering whether Shirataki rice’s taste is as impressive as its nutrition profile. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

What Does Shirataki Rice Taste Like

Shirataki rice has a neutral flavor profile just like the average white rice. Additionally, Shirataki rice tends to be chewy. When mixed with other dishes, Shirataki rice quickly absorbs the flavor of these dishes. As such, Shirataki rice tends to smell and taste the most like the dish you cook or eat alongside Shirataki rice.

If you are curious to learn more about what Shirataki rice tastes like and how Shirataki rice differs from other types of rice, keep reading!

Does Shirataki Rice Taste Like Normal Rice?

Shirataki rice can pass off as normal rice, especially if you mix Shirataki rice with herbs, spices, vegetables, and meat.

Moreover, Shirataki rice has a similar color and texture to the regular rice most people eat daily. As such, it can be easy to mistake Shirataki rice for normal rice.

Does Shirataki Rice Taste Like White Rice?

Shirataki rice tastes like white rice, and occasionally, Shirataki rice can be blander, especially if you are comparing Shirataki rice to Jasmine rice or Basmati rice.

Additionally, Shirataki rice does not have the aroma and nuances that most aromatic white rice is known for.

Compared to regular white rice, Shirataki rice can absorb flavor faster, making Shirataki rice easier to season and turn into one-dish meals.

What Does Shirataki Rice Smell Like?

Uncooked Shirataki rice has a strong, pungent smell that can be off-putting to anyone eating Shirataki rice for the first time. Some people liken the smell of Shirataki rice to raw fish.

However, with thorough rinsing and cooking, you will notice that the odor will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Does Shirataki Rice Smell Like Fish?

Shirataki rice tends to smell like fish when you first open the bag because Shirataki rice is derived from a plant called Konjic, and Konjic naturally has a fishy smell.

To minimize or remove the smell completely, you will have to rinse the Shirataki rice multiple times then pan fry the Shirataki rice.

Does Shirataki Rice Taste Good?

Generally, Shirataki rice has a neutral taste and a chewy texture. As such, a lot of people do not have qualms about eating Shirataki rice because they neither like nor dislike Shirataki rice.

Usually, Shirataki rice tastes best when cooked right because that is when Shirataki rice is soft and bland enough to take in the flavors you mix with the Shirataki rice.

However, when Shirataki rice is overcooked, Shirataki rice develops an acidic taste and a rubbery texture.

Does Shirataki Rice Taste Like Brown Rice?

Shirataki rice tastes more like white rice than brown rice. While brown rice has an earthy flavor with nutty notes, Shirataki rice is neutral in both taste and aroma when cooked.

Nevertheless, brown rice tends to be chewy, and this is a quality that Shirataki rice shares more with brown rice than with white rice.

Is Shirataki Rice Better?

Whether Shirataki rice is better than other rice variants depends on the specific rice you are comparing Shirataki rice to and the dietary needs you are meeting.

On the palate, Shirataki rice is similar to white rice and this makes switching to Shirataki rice so much easier compared to switching to other healthy alternatives like cauliflower rice.

In terms of nutrition, Shirataki rice is not the healthiest rice substitute out there. Nonetheless, Shirataki rice does have low amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, and calories.

What Is The Texture Of Shirataki Rice?

What Is The Texture Of Shirataki Rice?

Shirataki rice has a mildly rubbery texture that gives shirataki rice just chewy enough to enjoy. When overcooked, this rubbery texture amplifies and becomes dislikable.

Is Shirataki Rice Hard To Chew?

Cooked right, Shirataki rice can be soft enough to chew easily. However, cooking Shirataki rice in too little water can make the Shirataki rice too firm or too rubbery.

Consequently, the Shirataki rice becomes difficult to chew to the point of being undesirable, especially when overcooking brings out the acidic taste of Shirataki rice.

What Are The Best Brands Of Shirataki Rice?

Here is a list of some of the best Shirataki rice brands in the market today:

  • Yuho Organic Konjac Rice
  • Well Lean Organic Shirataki Rice
  • Better Than Rice
  • Miracle Noodle Organic Rice
  • Thrive Market Wonder Shirataki Rice
  • Skinny Pasta Konjac Rice
  • It’s Skinny Rice
  • VitaCost Shirataki Rice
  • Amazing Lokarb Shirataki Rice

How To Make Shirataki Rice Taste Better?

To make Shirataki rice taste better, you have to start by ensuring that you can cook Shirataki rice correctly.

Once you have properly cooked Shirataki rice, you can easily season the Shirataki rice with whatever you want, may it be spices, herbs, or instant food flavoring.

You can also mix Shirataki Rice with vegetables, seafood, and meat and expect that the Shirataki rice will soon share the same tastes and aromas.

What To Pair With Shirataki Rice?

Given Shirataki rice’s neutral flavor profile, you can pair Shirataki rice with just about any vegetable, meat, and seasoning available.

How To Cook Shirataki Rice?

If you are using a rice cooker, you must rinse the Shirataki rice thoroughly and let the Shirataki rice soak in water for about thirty minutes before replacing the water and cooking the Shirataki rice.

If you are using the stove, you have to cook the Shirataki rice without oil to remove the moisture. Afterward, you can add the oil and start sauteing the Shirataki rice until cooked.

Contrary to popular advice, you do not have to boil Shirataki rice first if you are going to cook the Shirataki rice on the stove.

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Shirataki rice resembles white rice in both appearance and taste, making Shirataki rice the ideal rice substitute for health-conscious individuals.

When raw, Shirataki rice smells like fish but as you rinse and cook Shirataki rice, the fishy smell is minimized or disappears altogether.

Furthermore, Shirataki rice takes on the taste and smell of whatever you add to it, so it is not difficult to find foods to pair Shirataki rice with.

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