What Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like? (Flavor, Fragrance + Other Related FAQs)

If you want to upgrade your meals, there is no better way to do it than by switching to aromatic rice. After all, good food delivers both quality taste and aroma.

Jasmine rice is one of the most popular aromatic rice today. In case you have never had Jasmine rice, you might be wondering what Jasmine rice tastes like. Here is what I found!

What Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like?

Jasmine rice has a floral and Pandan-like scent. On the palate, Jasmine rice has a floral flavor with nutty undertones. Some people liken Jasmine rice with popcorn. Contrary to popular belief, Jasmine rice is not artificially scented, and jasmine flowers are not used in making Jasmine rice. Moreover, Jasmine rice has natural compounds that make Jasmine rice taste and smell good.

If you are interested to learn more about the taste of Jasmine rice and how Jasmine rice compares to other types of aromatic rice, keep reading!

Does Jasmine Rice Have A Taste?

Jasmine rice generally has a neutral taste, especially for those who do not have sensitive taste buds.

However, when cooked right and consumed plain, you will find that Jasmine rice has a nutty and buttery flavor that is reminiscent of popcorn, and Jasmine rice can be sweet.

Nonetheless, not all Jasmine rice share this quality, and some may be more neutral than others in both taste and aroma. It all depends on the brand of Jasmine rice you buy.

Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like White Rice?

While Jasmine rice is a type of white rice, Jasmine rice has a more distinguishable flavor profile than the average white rice.

Both Jasmine rice and the average white rice are generally bland, but Jasmine rice tends to have sweet and nutty undertones that most white rice lacks.

Depending on what you are cooking, the Jasmine rice’s flavor can either be subdued or enhanced, whereas white rice will end up soaking up most of the flavor you add to white rice.

Which Is More Flavorful Basmati Or Jasmine Rice?

Generally, Basmati rice has a stronger flavor and aroma. While both Basmati and Jasmine rice have nutty undertones, Basmati’s nutty flavor is richer and therefore more noticeable.

Additionally, Basmati rice has a spiciness to its aroma that enhances Basmat rice’s overall taste. In contrast, it is Jasmine rice’s floral notes that tend to stand out both in smell and taste.

Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like Perfume?

Jasmine rice has a strong and pleasant aroma that is reminiscent of bouquets. Therefore, Jasmine rice can taste floral or botanical as well.

Nevertheless, Jasmine rice’s flavor is not potent enough to be likened to perfume, especially since Jasmine rice is generally neutral on the palate.

Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like Flowers?

Jasmine rice has often been described as having a floral aroma and taste. However, if you are not keen enough, it can be difficult to explore the floral nuances of Jasmine rice.

Does Jasmine Rice Stink?

To others, Jasmine rice’s prominent aroma is floral while some think it is the pandan or popcorn-like scent that is the strongest scent.

If you do not find these aromas pleasant, you might have a negative perception of Jasmine rice’s scent.

However, if you like Jasmine rice but suddenly find that it smells off, you can either rinse the rice some more or consider checking the quality of the Jasmine rice you got.

Is Jasmine Rice Artificially Scented?

Jasmine rice is not artificially scented because whatever aroma you smell from Jasmine rice is produced by Jasmine rice’s natural aromatic compounds like 2-acetyl-1pyrroline (2AP).

Is Jasmine Rice Made With Jasmine?

Contrary to popular belief, no jasmine flower is involved in the creation of Jasmine rice. Jasmine rice’s name is not inspired by the jasmine flower’s aroma or flavor.

Instead, Jasmine rice is inspired by the color of the jasmine flower, which appears white, but is a pale yellow with bolder yellow tints near the center.

How Can I Make Jasmine Rice Taste Better?

There are many ways to enhance the taste of Jasmine rice and you can do so before and after you begin cooking.

A highly recommended method is by adding spices and herbs to the Jasmine rice before you cook it.

Letting salt, bay leaves, dried mushrooms, or saffron steep with the Jasmine rice during the cooking process gives the Jasmine rice a richer and more noticeable flavor.

If the Jasmine rice is already cooked, you can mix fat like butter and oil to the Jasmine rice, as well as dried nuts, seeds, and herbs.

What Does Scented Jasmine Rice Mean?

What Does Scented Jasmine Rice Mean?

Scented rice is the same as aromatic rice and both terms refer to rice variants like Jasmine rice that give off a distinct aroma due to naturally occurring compounds in the grains.

Additionally, scented Jasmine rice is not a variant of Jasmine rice, but is simply another way of referring to fragrant Thai rice.

Which Brand Of Jasmine Rice Is Best?

Here is a list of the best Jasmine rice brands based on sales and consumer reviews:

  1. Ben’s Original Ready Rice Jasmine
  2. Seeds of Change Jasmine Rice
  3. Iberia Jasmine Rice
  4. Tasty Bite Jasmine Rice
  5. RiceSelect Jasmati
  6. Mahatma Authentic Jasmine Rice
  7. Pride of India Jasmine Rice
  8. Lundberg Family Farms Jasmine Rice
  9. Dynasty Jasmine Rice
  10. Goya Thai Jasmine Rice
  11. 365 by Whole Foods Market Jasmine Rice
  12. Asian Best Jasmine Rice
  13. Three Ladies Jasmine Rice
  14. Happy Belly Jasmine Rice
  15. Four Elephants Premium Thai Jasmine Rice
  16. Spicy World Jasmine Rice
  17. Lotus Foods Jasmine Rice
  18. Kirkland Signature Jasmine Rice
  19. Food to Live Jasmine Rice
  20. Golden Phoenix Jasmine Rice
  21. Village Harvest Jasmine Rice
  22. KAOW NUMSUB Jasmine Rice

Is Jasmine Rice Considered Sweet Rice?

Compared to the average white rice and some aromatic rice like Basmati, Jasmine rice is sweeter on the palate.

What Does Jasmine Rice Go With?

Jasmine rice goes best with Thai-style curries and similarly spicy dishes. You can also use Jasmine rice to make sticky rice pudding or pair Jasmine rice with fried foods.

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Jasmine rice is an aromatic rice variant known for having a floral scent and sweet flavor. Moreover, Jasmine rice’s taste and fragrance are naturally occurring.

To the untrained eye and tongue, Jasmine rice is no different from the average white rice. However, when cooked right, you will notice that Jasmine rice is richer in taste and aroma.

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