What Are Jello Shots? (Recipe, Alcohol Content + More)

Alcohol by itself is enjoyable for some, and not enjoyable for others. Some people need a chaser or something of a different flavor in their mouths after the taste of alcohol. Now, alcohol comes in many mixtures that allow alcohol to taste better.

If you have seen Jello shots, you may be wondering what Jello shots are. I looked up the facts, and here is what I found!

What Are Jello Shots?

Jello shots are a mixture of gelatin and alcohol, and Jello shots are made by combining Jello powder, hot water, and any hard liquor of your preference. Typically, Jello shots are served in shot glasses, small plastic cups, or ice cube trays. Jello shots are associated mostly with spring break and college students. 

How do you make Jello shots taste good and what is in a Jello shot? Keep reading to find out!

How Do You Make Jello Shots?

First, you need to dissolve your Jello powder with hot water. Whisk the powder and hot water together to ensure there are no lumps and that the Jello has completely dissolved.

Do not add the alcohol if the Jello mixture has not cooled down yet. If the mixture is still too hot, this will burn off the alcohol from the mixture.

Though vodka is usually the most popular choice in Jello shots, you can add whatever alcohol you prefer.

Once the Jello mixture has cooled down enough and you have added your alcohol, it is time to pour the mixture into shot glasses or small plastic cups.

Additionally, you can pour your Jello mixture into ice cube trays if you want a different shape.

Chill the Jello shots in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours until the Jello shots are set then you are ready to serve!

What Alcohol Is Best For Jello Shots?

Although any and every kind of alcohol is all fair game in making Jello shots, the most popular and widely used alcohols are vodka and white rum.

Vodka and white rum are considered to be the most neutral in taste and appearance, and thus they allow the Jello to actually be the main ingredient in the shots.

White rum and vodka also have quite a milder taste compared to whiskey, tequila, or brandy, so you almost cannot taste the alcohol in the mixture.

Stronger alcohols may mask the flavor of the Jello and make it a bit harder to drink for some people.

If you prefer stronger tasting liquor in your Jello shot mixture, you can always mix in whatever alcohol you want.

What Flavor Jello Is Best For Jello Shots?

Depending on the alcohol you intend to use, there are a lot of good Jello flavors.

Some common flavors used in Jello shots are Cherry, Lime, Orange, Pineapple, and Strawberry.

There are a lot more available flavors you can explore and you can try with different kinds of alcohol.

Moreover, there are no best Jello shot flavors because this depends on your preference and the kind of alcohol you want to mix into the shot.

What Are The Best Jello And Alcohol Combinations For Jello Shots?

What Are The Best Jello And Alcohol Combinations For Jello Shots?

A Jello shot is a blank canvas for creativity so Jello shots will allow you to experiment and mix flavors and alcohols without actually ever producing a really bad-tasting one.

However, here are a few suggestions on what combinations actually work.

Jello shot cocktails are popular, such as the margarita Jello shot, made with Lime flavored Jello and tequila. Pineapple Jello and Malibu Rum also make a great pina colada flavored jello shot.

Stronger combinations are also a hit like a fireball Jello shot, which is made with cherry-flavored Jello and Fireball whiskey.

Cherry Coke, a mix of cherry jello, Coke, and rum is also a great Jello shot to serve at parties.

You can make more combinations and taste as you go since there are so many available flavors you can experiment with.

Who Made Jello Shots?

Who invented Jello shots is currently unknown as alcohol and gelatin mixtures have already been present before the invention of Jello.

In records, there have been mixtures of gelatin and alcohol since the early 19th-century. Chef Marie Antoine Careme has been known to make pink champagne jelly with orange flowers to serve to guests.

In 1902, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article with a recipe of what seems to be a Jello shot, made with lime flavored Jello, sherry, and orange slices.

Today’s modern Jello shot reached the height of Jello shot’s popularity in the 1950s when Jello was very popular in the market.

It was said to have been the work of Tom Lehrer, an American musician who sneaked a mixture of Orange Jello and vodka into a Christmas party where alcohol was banned.

Orange Jello and vodka allowed Lehrer and his friend to hide the presence of alcohol into jelly cups without the officers at the naval base noticing.

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Jello shots have been widely popular ever since Jello made its way to the market. However, the term has been so generalized now that you can still make jello shots by using other forms of jelly or gelatin.

Jello shots taste good, so people sometimes underestimate the amount they take and the alcohol content. Though they are enjoyable, always make sure that you monitor yourself and don’t take too much that you will not be able to handle it anymore.

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