14 Types Of Jello (Puddings, Jello Shots + More)

Jello’s versatility makes it the ideal ingredient for a wide variety of desserts. Moreover, Jello comes in numerous flavors, making it easier to concoct the tastes you desire.

If you find yourself with extra boxes of Jello and no clue as to how you can best utilize Jello, here is a full list of the types of ready-to-eat and homemade Jello desserts for inspiration.

Types Of Jello

1. Plain Jello

Jello is delicious and appealing all by itself. In case you are lacking in extra ingredients to make a complicated dessert, simply making Jello the traditional way will suffice.

One of the best ways to make the most out of the plain old Jello recipe is to follow the recipe on the box, or at least use the ratios indicated.

If you have milk, alcohol, fruit juices, and other beverages you can use to replace a portion or the entirety of the cold water, following the prescribed ratios will give you the best yield.

2. Jello Salad

Jello salad, which is also called congealed salad or perfection salad, was first invented in 1905 by Mrs. John Cooke when she won a gelatin-cooking contest.

For decades since then, families all over America used gelatin to create salads of all kinds. Some were made with vegetables and fruits, some with meat, and some with all three combined.

Many of the most popular Jello salads involved Jell-O Lime, and a classic recipe that came out in 1891 is called Emerald Salad.

To make Emerald Salad, you need to cook the Jello as usual and let the Jello partially set.

Afterward, mix cottage cheese, almonds, mayonnaise, shredded cucumbers, and grated onion with the lime Jello and allow the Jello to set for four hours.

3. Jello Shots

Jello shots rose to fame among party-goers because they are colorful, tasty, and discrete. It is believed that Jello shots were invented to circumvent a ban on alcohol.

While Jello shots can be made with any alcohol of your choice, it is highly recommended that you use clear spirits like vodka and white gin.

To make vodka Jello shots, start by dissolving the Jello powder in a cup of boiling water. Afterward, add a half cup of cold water and a half or full cup of vodka.

Next, pour the Jello into your desired containers and let the Jello cool before leaving the Jello in the fridge to set.

4. Jello Pudding

Jello pudding is a popular dessert that allows people to enjoy Jello in an entirely different way. Additionally, Jello pudding can either be bought in powdered or ready-to-eat formats.

When making instant Jell-O Pudding, all you have to do is to mix the Jell-O Pudding powder with two cups of cold milk.

Beat the mixture for around two minutes and transfer the mixture to a dessert dish afterward. Finally, refrigerate the Jello pudding and serve when chilled.

5. Jello Slushie

Slushies are fun drinks, and when you make slushies using Jello, you will enjoy one that is lower in calories but still as delectable to eat.

Moreover, making a Jello slushie is easy, and to make one you have to begin by dissolving the Jello powder in boiling water.

Afterward, mix soda and lemon juice with the Jello. Place the mixture into a baking dish and leave the mixture in the freezer for no less than three hours.

Finally, remove the baking dish from the freezer, let the Jello thaw for around five minutes, and scrape them off into a drinking glass then enjoy your Jello slushie!

6. Jello Juice

Jello juice is a refreshing drink on a hot day, and it is also a healthy choice for those who are experiencing an upset stomach or digestive issues.

To make Jello juice, simply pour the packet of Jello into a pitcher and mix the Jello with cold water. Stir the solution until the Jello powder has completely dissolved and let the mixture chill in the fridge.

Once the Jello juice is cold enough to your liking, serve the Jello juice with a fruit wedge or whatever garnish you prefer.

You may also use hot water to dissolve the Jello powder, but expect that your Jello juice might set and that will prevent you from enjoying the Jello juice in cold liquid form.

7. Jello Cake

Jello cakes can be made in an astounding variety of ways and Jello cakes can be as casual or formal as you want them to be depending on the occasion.

Moreover, Jello cakes can be made at home or bought in stores as there are plenty of bakeries that specialize in different types of Jello cakes.

However, if you plan to make one on your own, a standard Jello cake recipe usually involves a cake mix, a packet of Jello powder, and any additional ingredients you want.

To begin, simply bake the cake mix as usual. Once cooked, poke holes on the cake. Proceed to make the Jello as usual and pour it over the cake.

After chilling in the fridge, the Jello should be set and the cake can be topped with whipped cream and fruits.

8. Jello Cups

Jello Cups

Jello cups are a simple but fun way to serve and eat Jello. Moreover, Jello cups are available in the ready-to-eat format, and there is more than one brand that makes them.

In case you plan to make Jello cups at home, all you will need is a packet of Jello and other additional ingredients you want to add to your cup.

After making the Jello as usual, simply pour the Jello into cups and let the Jello cool. You can also do them in layers or drop fruits into the Jello once the Jello is partially set.

9. Jello Ice Cream

Jello and ice cream are two of the most well-loved desserts in America, so it is not a surprise that Jello ice cream exists.

Furthermore, making Jello ice cream is far simpler than you might think. All you need is the usual packet of Jello, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and fruit garnishes.

Once the Jello has dissolved in a cup of boiling water, remove from heat and add two cups of vanilla ice cream then whisk together until they are completely blended.

Finally, let the Jello ice cream set in the fridge and serve with whipped cream and fruits.

10. Jello Pie

While ready-to-eat Jello pie is hard to come by in stores, there are Jello pie instant mixes that you can use to make your own at home and since it is Jello, there is no baking required.

For the crust, you can line the base and sides of a round plate with crushed Graham crackers. As for the filling, make the Jello as usual and mix it with Cool Whip.

After letting the Jello cool in the fridge for fifteen minutes to half an hour, pour the Jello over the crust and leave the pie to set in the fridge for up to six hours.

11. Jello Fruit Dip

Jello can be enjoyed not only when Jello is the main dish, but also when the Jello is a complementary dip. Such is the case with Jello fruit dips, which is a delicious way to enjoy fruity snacks.

All you have to do is to stir the cream cheese in a bowl until it has a nice thick texture with no lumps. Afterward, add the Jello powder and stir until the Jello powder dissolves completely.

12. Jello Fruit Pizza

Jello fruit pizza may sound daunting to make, but a Jello fruit pizza is simpler and less time-consuming than it sounds.

There are three layers to the pizza, the first being the crust, which can be made with cookie dough. Make the Jello as usual and let the Jello chill in the fridge until the Jello gets a thick consistency.

Afterward, whisk cream cheese, sugar, sour cream, and vanilla together and spread the mixture over the crust. Top the mixture with fruits and pour the thickened Jello as a finishing touch.

13. Jello Parfait

Jello parfait is a fancy way to serve Jello, and a Jello parfait is something you may have already seen in the desserts menu of several restaurants.

Fortunately, you can enjoy Jello parfait from the comfort of your home any time you want and all you need is a packet of Jello, whipped cream, ice cream, and fruits.

Start by preparing the Jello as usual and letting the Jello chill in dessert glasses at an angle. Once set, add fruits, whipped cream, and ice cream as you desire.

14. Jello Flan

Jello flan is an extra-sweet way to enjoy Jello. To make Jello flan, dissolve the Jello in a saucepan and mix the Jello with milk but be careful not to let the Jello come to a boil.

Afterward, slowly mix the Jello with egg yolks and beat them continuously until properly blended. Turn the stove to medium heat for a couple of minutes.

Finally, pour the Jello mixture into molds with caramelized sugar and allow the flan to set in the fridge for no less than three hours.

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There is no limit to how Jello can be used to prepare desserts like Jello cakes or enhance your eating experience through Jello dips.

What is for sure is that Jello won’t be going away anytime soon, and both Jello brands and consumers will come up with new recipes to amp up people’s Jello experience.

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