What Is Simply Orange? (Is It Real, What’s Wrong With It + More)

The products from the orange juice industry giants line the chilled sections and dry shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets all over the world.

With so many different brands out there, it’s hard to stand apart. But Simply Orange manages to do just that. I looked into the company to figure out what makes it different. Here’s what I found!

What Is Simply Orange?

Simply Orange is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company that deviates from the usual reconstituted formula. Made from 100% real juice, Simply Orange is not-from-concentrate and is free from added sugar, colorings, and other chemical preservatives. Additionally, Simply Orange is environmentally friendly, dairy-free, and does not contain any of the big eight allergens. 

Keen on diving deeper into the factors that make Simply Orange stand out from other brands in the market? Keep on reading!

Is Simply Orange Juice Real Orange Juice?

Simply Orange juice is 100% real juice sourced from natural oranges. Their orange juice line is certified non-GMO and does not contain any chemical additives.

Moreover, Simply Orange’s formula does not contain added sugar, colorings, and preservatives. It is pure orange juice that has been gently pasteurized to eliminate bacteria and extend shelf life.

Is Simply Orange Juice From Concentrate?

Simply Orange juice is never frozen and thawed, nor sourced from concentrated fruit juice. It is pure liquid extracted from oranges and manufactured minimally to remove pathogens.

Due to the gentle pasteurization process, Simply Orange juice retains most of its flavors unlike those sourced from concentrate.

Is Simply Orange Orange Juice Dairy-Free?

Simply Orange juice is free from any of the Big Eight allergens namely milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybean.

You can rest assured that Simply Orange juice is dairy-free as it does not contain even a trace of milk. This means that you can consume it if you’re lactose-intolerant, or allergic to certain food products.

Is Simply Orange Juice Environmentally-Friendly?

Simply Orange juice is environmentally-friendly because its containers are made of 100% recyclable materials. Even the top cover is made of #5 PP which can be reused.

In addition, Simply Orange juice also has washable front and back labels. This can be easily erased during the recycling process for easier repurpose.

Who Is Simply Orange Owned By?

Owned by the Coca-Cola Company, Simply Orange is an auxiliary of Coke’s Minute Maid Co unit.

It takes on a whole different approach to Minute Maid which is reconstituted from concentrate. Instead, Simply Orange juice is made from fresh, premium 100% orange juice that you can buy chilled.

Where Does Simply Orange Get Their Oranges From?

Simply Orange

Simply Orange is not-from-concentrate orange juice sourced from oranges originating from different places. Its major supplier is Florida, but the company also transacts with Brazil and Mexico.

This is because Simply Orange juice does not use readily available oranges, but specific varieties that don’t grow in all seasons. They order from overseas to ensure uniform, ‘in season’ orange juice is produced all year round.

What’s Unique With Simply Orange Juice?

Coca-Cola Co. mentions a high algorithmic technique called the Black Book which calculates the entirety of their Simply Orange juice-making process.

You can imagine it as a smart simulator that considers even the little weather changes affecting orange juice production.

It is also capable of calculating consumer preferences and their compatibility with 600 distinct orange flavors. This allows Simply Orange to blend batches similar to the significant flavor profile.

Is It Safe To Drink Unrefrigerated Simply Orange Juice?

Drinking unrefrigerated Simply Orange juice is not advisable. This is because the product is made from pure organic juice with minimal manufacturing process.

While this helps it retain the taste and a certain degree of freshness, it is also the reason why Simply Orange juice can go bad quickly.

For reference, store-bought orange juice from the chilled section only lasts two hours at room temperature. Any longer and it may cultivate bad bacteria making it unsafe for consumption.

Why Does Simply Orange Juice Taste So Good?

Since Simply Orange juice is sourced from nothing but fresh, premium oranges, they taste good. You can also taste the freshness in its formula because of its minimal manufacturing process.

It does not have any synthetic flavorings or other additives. In fact, for an enhanced orange flavor, Simply Orange uses orange peels or oils.

Is Simply Orange Juice Pulp-Free?

Simply Orange has a whole product line that offers a filtered, pulp-free variant that is not-from-concentrate orange juice without any solid particles.

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Simply Orange juice is 100% organic juice that is minimally processed to retain as much of its freshness as possible. It has no added sugar, colorings, or preservatives.

This brand tastes good because it only uses premium, ‘all season’ oranges sourced from Florida, Brazil, and Mexico.

Additionally, Simply Orange employs a unique algorithm that calculates the entirety of the orange juice production process.

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