Mustard Substitutes (Complete List Of Alternatives)

Mustard is a condiment is found in almost every home around the world, and mustard is used in many dishes to help the food taste and look good.

Nowadays, mustard is available everywhere, but if you do not have mustard within reach, here are some substitutes for mustard that I discovered!

Mustard Substitutes

1. Horseradish

Horseradish will easily replace your mustard when it comes to the nasal-clearing heat horseradish offers.

Typically, horseradish has the same pungency as mustard since they come from the same family.

You can use prepared horseradish, which is horseradish and vinegar, for dishes that just need the pungency.

Normally, horseradish sauce can be used for instances where you need a creamier and thicker sauce.

2. Mayonnaise

Just like mustard, mayonnaise contains a lot of vinegar yet is blander in taste. Despite that, mayonnaise can be a good alternative for mustard in sauces and dips because mayonnaise has the same consistency.

You can add more spices to your mayonnaise for more flavor, but the acidity will be there.

3. Worcestershire Sauce

In some instances, Worcestershire sauce can offer you the same tanginess and acidity as mustard.

While Worcestershire sauce might not be the most obvious choice, Worcestershire sauce will be a great mustard substitute if you need the vinegar content of mustard.

Worcestershire has a waterier consistency than mustard though, so there might be a difference in texture in the outcome of the dishes.

4. Wasabi

If you need the intense heat and kick of mustard, wasabi is a great choice because wasabi gives the same level of pungency and heat minus the flavor.

Wasabi is spicier than mustard, so adding small amounts gradually is key to achieving mustard’s heat.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric will give you the same yellow hue in your dishes as mustard does since turmeric is often used to make mustard yellow.

However, turmeric can get a little bitter so you need to add turmeric in gradual amounts to your food.

6. Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauce is mostly used to replace honey mustard because of barbecue sauces’s sweet and tangy flavor.

This duo of flavors is what makes it so similar to mustard, but with more spices and flavorings.

7. Sriracha Mayo

Mixing sriracha and mayonnaise will give you the heat and acidity of mustard plus mustard’s consistency.

Generally, sriracha mayo is a great replacement for dipping sauces where mustard is usually used.

Moreover, the mayonnaise also helps tone down the heat of sriracha for those who are not a big fan of the spiciness.

8. Sriracha

Sriracha will give you heat and a sauce-like consistency, which is great in rubs and sauces if you do not have mustard nearby.

Additionally, sriracha is a great source of heat without being too nasal-clearing and intense.

9. White Vinegar

Straight white vinegar can replace mustard in most cases where you need the acidity and vinegary flavor, but also need a simple base to add more seasonings.

Any vinegar variant is a bit of a stronger replacement, so you need to taste your dish and add only a little vinegar at a time.

10. Cumin

Cumin is a great alternative if you need to replace dry mustard because cumin will give you a spicy kick and a peppery taste that can fill in for mustard as a spice.

However, this will only work in specific recipes and cumin is not ideal as a replacement for dressings.

11. Plain Yogurt

In some dishes, the sourness or mild acidity of plain yogurt can give a similar flavor to mustard.

Though yogurt is a lot milder in comparison, yogurt acts as a great base and adds a creamier texture and consistency to the dish.

You can also add a bit of turmeric or coloring to plain yogurt to give the yogurt the same yellow tinge as mustard.

12. Arugula

Arugula has a slightly spicy flavor, so arugula can replace mustard in salad dressings, vinaigrettes, and dips.

However, arugula is not a recommended substitute in rubs and sauces as arugula has a pungent herb taste that may not work for most dishes.

To use, you only need to finely chop up the arugula before adding it to your sauces or dips.

13. Caraway Seeds

Ground caraway seeds can easily replace dry mustard in dishes where a bit of heat and bitter pungency are needed.

However, the heat caraway seeds offer is mild, you can add chili powder as well if you want a spicier flavor.

14. Ranch Dressing

If you need a bit of a similar taste, ranch dressing has a tangy acidity that matches with mustard.

Most homes in the United States already have ranch in their pantries, so it is not a hard find. It is a good alternative, especially in dipping sauces and dressings.

15. Ketchup


Ketchup is an easy alternative as ketchup is already available in most homes.

Plus, ketchup’s acidity is a perfect replacement for mustard, but ketchup also has a bit of sweetness that sometimes may only work in certain dishes.

However, if your recipe can do with a little added sweetness, ketchup will work great.

16. Balsamic Vinegar

Unlike plain vinegar, balsamic vinegar is more thickly flavored and has a more complex flavor with the same acidity.

Generally, balsamic vinegar is perfect in salad dressings and vinaigrettes, which is where mustard is needed to make the dressing a bit more acidic.

17. Ginger

Ginger is a root crop that is pungent, warm, and peppery like mustard, so ginger is great in adding heat and pungency to dishes.

Typically, ginger is a bit strong in flavor, so you need to add ginger gradually into dishes. Depending on the recipe, you can use fresh, ground, or powdered ginger.

19. Other Mustard Variations

Using a different type of mustard is perhaps the best mustard replacement because they all have the same base ingredients.

You can use any kind and type depending on the needed recipe where mustard is added to.

Mustard Substitute In Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are traditionally made with mustard for color and creaminess, and mustard cuts the richness of the egg mixture with its acidity.

If no mustard is available, plain vinegar or apple cider vinegar will work just fine for acidity. Turmeric will also help make up for the lack of mustard in color as turmeric will give the deviled eggs a yellow hue.

Mustard Substitutes In Meatloaf

Mustard acts as a great binder of ingredients in meatloaf, but mayonnaise and caraway seeds can be an amazing substitute.

Mayonnaise helps as a binder for the ingredients and spices and will also add the acidity needed in the dish. Adding caraway seeds will give the dish mustard’s pungent, bittersweet taste and mild heat.

Additionally, egg yolks also work well as a mustard replacement when you need a binder for your meatloaf ingredients.

Moreover, ketchup is another good substitute, adding acidity and also a bit of sweetness to the entire mixture of the meatloaf.

Plus, ketchup gives your food a more complex and deep flavor, as well as adds a bit of color to your dish.

Mustard Substitutes In Meat Rubs

Mustard acts as a binder so food combines well. In meat rubs, aside from using mustard to help tenderize the meat and add flavor, mustard is also used to make spices stick to the meat.

If you do not have mustard, you can use mayonnaise or any oil to help the spices stay in place. Oil will not add any flavor, but oil will add moisture.

Mayonnaise will be great as a base rub as mayonnaise has the same thickness and consistency as mustard does.

Mustard Substitutes In Mac And Cheese

Mustard is a great addition to mac and cheese recipes as mustard’s heat and pungency cut through the creaminess of the mac and cheese mixture.

However, there are also other great alternatives. Turmeric is one choice due to turmeric’s color, bitter notes, and added heat can make up for the missing mustard in the recipe.

Chili powder or cumin are also two great choices for substitutes if you want a little punch of heat to make your mac and cheese easier to eat.

Mustard Substitutes In Potato Salad

Potato salads have been mixed with mustards for so long that mustard is a needed ingredient now. However, some recipes do not call for mustard.

Pickle relish is an easy choice to replace mustard in potato salads as pickle relish is very acidic and very tangy. Plus, pickle relish adds a bit of a crunch that breaks the salad’s texture.

Like mustard, pickle relish cuts through the creaminess of the salad, making the salad much tastier and easier to eat.

Mustard Substitutes In Mayonnaise

Most mayonnaise recipes contain some mustard powder in them, but if you are making your own mayonnaise and are not a fan of mustard, you need an alternative.

Aside from a bit of added flavor, mustard binds together the ingredients with the oil. However, if no mustard is added, egg yolks will do the trick.

Egg yolks, like mustard, are a great emulsifier because egg yolks will ensure that all the ingredients bind together easily and do not separate.

Mustard Substitute In Beef Wellington

Mustard adds a depth of flavor to beef wellington that people find a needed taste. If you cannot use mustard, you can use horseradish or wasabi paste instead.

A small amount of horseradish or wasabi paste will go a long way as both ingredients pack a lot of heat, so be careful when adding them.

Spiced mayonnaise can also work in place of mustard since spiced mayonnaise will give a lot of flavors and has the same consistency as mustard.

Mustard Substitute In Beef Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is one dish that needs mustard to cut through its creaminess. Mustard’s tangy flavor and acidity are essential to making beef stroganoff.

Tomato paste can easily replace mustard if you want to take mustard out of the recipe.

Typically, tomato paste has the acidity needed to cut through the cream part of the stroganoff, the color can be a little off because tomato paste is red.

However, if the slight change in color does not make a difference to you, tomato paste will surely work in place of mustard.

Mustard Substitute In Egg Salad

Just like potato salad, egg salad is very creamy, very thick, and needs something to cut through it, which is why mustard is added in most egg salad recipes.

Without mustard, you can use a bit of chili powder or pepper in mustard’s place. How much chili powder or pepper you add depends on how spicy you want your mac and cheese to be.

This added kick of heat will help break down the creamy consistency and thickness of the egg salad without compromising much of the egg salad’s flavor.

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Replacing mustard in recipes depends on the type of dish and its needed taste. Some replacements may not work as well as others, so it is important to always use what is best for the recipe.

Texture and consistency also need to be accounted for when choosing an alternative, but mostly you can try to make whatever you have work.

Other variations of mustard are also the best choice when it comes to alternatives, so you already have the main flavor and pungency without needing to find a replacement for either one.

Additionally, if you are a bit hesitant in changing the recipe with the suggested alternatives, then you can opt to omit the mustard from the mixture. This will make the dish lose a little bit of flavor, but will also give you a safe option if you are not sure.

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