Miracle Whip Mayonnaise (What Is It, Taste, Ingredients + Other FAQs)

While mayonnaise is one of the most popular white condiments, Miracle Whip is another favorite of many people to use in sandwiches, salads, and more.

If you have never heard of Miracle Whip, you may be wondering what Miracle Whip is. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

Miracle Whip Mayonnaise

Miracle Whip was first invented as a cheaper substitute for mayonnaise during the Great Depression. Despite having the same ingredients that mayonnaise has, Miracle Whip is not considered real mayonnaise because Miracle Whip does not contain enough oil. Moreover, Miracle Whip contains added spices and sugar, making Miracle Whip taste slightly different.

Do you want to learn more about what Miracle Whip tastes like, what ingredients are in Miracle Whip, and more? Keep reading!

What Does Miracle Whip Taste Like?

Generally, Miracle Whip tastes a bit like mayonnaise, but Miracle Whip is much spicier and sweeter than regular mayonnaise.

What Is Miracle Whip Used For?

Despite having a slightly different flavor profile to mayonnaise, Miracle Whip is interchangeable with mayonnaise in almost every recipe.

Therefore, Miracle Whip can be a spread for sandwiches and a base for salad dressings and dips. Moreover, you can use Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise for recipes like chicken, egg, and tuna salad.

Keep in mind that using Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise may create a noticeable change in flavor, but Miracle Whip can still function as mayonnaise in most recipes.

What Ingredients Are In Miracle Whip?

Miracle Whip contains water, high-fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, eggs, cornstarch, vinegar, dried garlic, spice, paprika, sugar, and more.

Who Owns Miracle Whip?

Miracle Whip is owned by Kraft Heinz, but Miracle Whip is also sold as “Miracel Whip” in Germany by Mondelēz International, which was formerly called Kraft Foods.

Why Was Miracle Whip Created?

Miracle Whip was created during the Great Depression as a cheaper alternative to mayonnaise since mayonnaise was not affordable for everyone at the time.

While Miracle Whip contained the main basic ingredients of mayonnaise which are eggs, oil, and acid, Miracle Whip also had added sugar and spices.

By finding a way to make a product similar to mayonnaise, Kraft was able to make Miracle Whip a hit during the Great Depression for those who wanted to use mayonnaise without paying the same price.

Is Miracle Whip Mayonnaise?

Miracle Whip is not considered mayonnaise because Miracle Whip contains less oil than mayonnaise.

Generally, mayonnaise needs to consist of at least 65% oil to be considered mayonnaise, but Miracle Whip does not contain enough oil to reach that amount.

Unlike real mayonnaise, Miracle Whip’s first ingredient is water whereas most mayonnaise’s first ingredient is oil, and the first ingredient on an ingredients list is usually the most abundant.

However, Miracle Whip can be a substitute for mayonnaise since that was the reason Miracle Whip was created.

Can I Substitute Miracle Whip For Mayonnaise?

Since Miracle Whip was invented to serve as a substitute for mayonnaise, Miracle Whip can replace mayonnaise in almost every recipe.

For instance, Miracle Whip can be a welcome addition to an egg salad or potato salad recipe since the added spice from Miracle Whip can enhance the overall flavors.

However, you may not like Miracle Whip as a mayonnaise alternative if you want a binding ingredient with a mild flavor, meaning real mayonnaise would be better to use.

Is Miracle Whip Better Than Mayonnaise?

Is Miracle Whip Better Than Mayonnaise?

Miracle Whip being better than mayonnaise is mostly a subjective question since it will depend on the person who tastes them.

However, some foodies will argue that real mayonnaise is better than Miracle Whip as some people see Miracle Whip as a more processed alternative to mayonnaise, making Miracle Whip “less legitimate.”

On the other hand, others would argue that Miracle Whip is better since Miracle Whip has more flavor than mayonnaise thanks to Miracle Whip’s added sugar and spices.

As for culinary use, mayonnaise and Miracle Whip can replace each other in a recipe without much issue.

However, most chefs may prefer to use mayonnaise over Miracle Whip to make sure the flavors of other ingredients do not get overpowered by the Miracle Whip.

Is Miracle Whip Dairy-Free?

According to Miracle Whip’s ingredients list, Miracle Whip does not contain any dairy products, making Miracle Whip a dairy-free product.

Some people may think that Miracle Whip is not dairy-free because Miracle Whip contains eggs.

However, eggs do not count as a dairy product since eggs are not a form of animal milk nor do eggs contain lactose.

Is Miracle Whip Gluten-Free?

Miracle Whip does not have any gluten-containing ingredients, making Miracle Whip technically gluten-free. However, Kraft does not state on the bottle if Miracle Whip is certified to be gluten-free.

Therefore, those who are sensitive or allergic to gluten must be wary of Miracle Whip because there is a chance that Miracle Whip is made in a factory where gluten products are manufactured.

Does Miracle Whip Contain Raw Eggs?

Miracle Whip does contain raw eggs, but the raw eggs Kraft uses to create Miracle Whip are pasteurized, meaning that most of the harmful bacteria present in raw eggs are eliminated.

Is Kraft Discontinuing Miracle Whip?

Miracle Whip has not been discontinued by Kraft, but only certain stores carry Miracle Whip if there is a large demand for Miracle Whip.

Generally, the Midwest states in the United States of America look for Miracle Whip, meaning most stores in the Midwest will have Miracle Whip.

Since not many stores carry Miracle Whip readily, people often assume that Miracle Whip has been discontinued.

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Miracle Whip was an invention made during the Great Depression to serve as a cheaper alternative to mayonnaise, and many people still use Miracle Whip today.

While Miracle Whip is spicier and sweeter than regular mayonnaise, Miracle Whip is still an excellent substitute for mayonnaise in most recipes.

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