Mexican Mayonnaise (What Is It, Taste, Ingredients + Other FAQs)

Since mayonnaise is a popular condiment and sauce around the world, many countries have taken their own spin on mayonnaise. For instance, Mexican mayonnaise is from Mexico and Mexican mayonnaise has become a favorite of many.

If you have never heard of Mexican mayonnaise, you may be wondering what Mexican mayonnaise is. I looked up the facts, and here is what I discovered!

Mexican Mayonnaise

Mexican mayonnaise refers to any mayonnaise made in Mexico or mayonnaise that contains Mexican-inspired flavors since there is no exact recipe for Mexican mayonnaise. One of the most popular brands of Mexican mayonnaise is McCormick Mayonesa, which tastes like normal mayonnaise with a hint of lime. Some people may add spices to make the mayonnaise “Mexican.”

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What Is Mexican Mayonnaise?

Generally, Mexican mayonnaise refers to mayonnaise that was created in Mexico or mayonnaise with Mexican-inspired flavors.

Therefore, there is no exact recipe for Mexican mayonnaise and anyone can call their mayonnaise Mexican.

However, there are brands of popular Mexican mayonnaise that are often referred to as real Mexican mayonnaise.

For instance, McCormick Mayonesa is Mexican mayonnaise, and McCormick Mayonesa is considered traditional mayonnaise.

McCormick Mayonesa is often referred to as Mexican mayonnaise because McCormick Mayonesa is a Mexican product and has a tangy lime flavor, which is often associated with Mexican cuisine.

What Does Mexican Mayonnaise Taste Like?

If the Mexican mayonnaise is simply referring to mayonnaise made in Mexico, Mexican mayonnaise would taste very similar to regular mayonnaise.

Some brands of Mexican mayonnaise such as McCormick Mayonesa taste a lot like regular mayonnaise but feature a hint of lime, which is a popular citrus fruit in Mexico.

Alternately, some people may make “chipotle mayonnaise,” which may get referred to as Mexican mayonnaise since chipotle mayonnaise has Mexican-inspired flavors, which are spicy, citrusy, garlicky, and more.

What Is In Mexican Mayonnaise?

Normally, Mexican mayonnaise’s ingredients would be the same as normal mayonnaise if it is just mayonnaise made in Mexico, and the ingredients would be oil, eggs, and acids like vinegar or citrus juice.

While lemon juice is the more commonly used citrus acid used for Mexican mayonnaise, most people would prefer to use lime juice instead to give the mayonnaise a more “Mexican” style flavor.

Some people may add yogurt to regular mayonnaise to make the mayonnaise tarter, which would make the mayonnaise have Mexican-like flavors.

Moreover, other people may opt to add spices like chili powder, paprika, etc., to their mayonnaise and call it Mexican mayonnaise, but they may be creating a chipotle-like mayonnaise sauce.

How Is Mexican Mayonnaise Made?

How Is Mexican Mayonnaise Made?

If your Mexican mayonnaise is simply mayonnaise made in Mexico, Mexican mayonnaise will likely be made the same way normal mayonnaise is created.

Typically, a regular mayonnaise recipe begins by emulsifying eggs with oil and acid (vinegar, lime juice, etc.) until the mixture thickens.

Normally, the emulsion process can take a while since emulsifying is mixing two ingredients that would not usually combine, such as vinegar and oil.

How Do You Use Mexican Mayonnaise?

You can use Mexican mayonnaise as you would normally use mayonnaise since Mexican mayonnaise is often just mayonnaise made in Mexico.

Therefore, you can use Mexican mayonnaise as a spread, dressing, dip, binding ingredient, and much more.

If your Mexican mayonnaise has added flavors like chipotle-style mayonnaise, you can use this mayonnaise to enhance the overall flavor of sandwiches, as a dip, etc.

Is Mexican Mayonnaise The Same As Crema?

Mexican mayonnaise is not the as crema because they are made out of different ingredients and have slightly different flavor profiles.

For instance, crema is Mexican cream which is a thick cream akin to sour cream since crema is dense, thick, and features a tangy flavor, and crema is often used to dollop over foods.

On the other hand, Mexican mayonnaise is the same as regular mayonnaise, meaning Mexican mayonnaise can be used as a spread, dressing, dip, and more.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Mayonnaise And Mexican Mayonnaise?

Typically, there is no real difference between regular mayonnaise and Mexican mayonnaise since they are usually made the same way with the same ingredients.

However, some Mexican mayonnaise brands may opt to use lime juice as their choice of acid for mayonnaise whereas most regular mayonnaise brands will use lemon juice or vinegar.

What Is The Difference Between Japanese Mayonnaise And Mexican Mayonnaise?

What separates Japanese mayonnaise from Mexican mayonnaise are the eggs since Japanese mayonnaise uses egg yolks whereas Mexican mayonnaise often uses whole eggs.

For instance, Kewpie Mayonnaise, a popular brand of Japanese mayonnaise, only uses egg yolks to create Kewpie Mayonnaise.

Moreover, Japanese mayonnaise tends to be thicker and creamier than Mexican mayonnaise, but that will depend on what brands you compare.

How Many Calories Does Mexican Mayonnaise Have?

Typically, Mexican mayonnaise contains about 100 calories per tablespoon but the true number of calories will depend on the brand.

Is Mexican Mayonnaise Better Than Regular Mayonnaise?

Generally, Mexican mayonnaise is not necessarily better than regular mayonnaise since they often taste, look, and feel the same with the main difference being one mayonnaise is made in Mexico.

For Mexican mayonnaise with different ingredients like lime juice, Mexican mayonnaise can be better if you like lime more than vinegar or lemon.

As for Mexican-inspired mayonnaises such as chipotle-style mayonnaise, this can be considered better than regular mayonnaise if you want more flavor.

However, chipotle-style mayonnaise might not be ideal for people sensitive to spice. Additionally, chipotle-style mayonnaise may overwhelm recipes that use mayonnaise as a mild binding ingredient, such as a mayonnaise-based dressing for coleslaw or potato salad.

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Mexican mayonnaise is simply a name for mayonnaise made in Mexico since there is no standard recipe for Mexican mayonnaise.

However, some brands of Mexican mayonnaise such as McCormick Mayonesa add lime juice to their mayonnaise whereas others add more spices to add Mexican-like flavors to their mayonnaise.

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