16 Most Popular Ketchup Brands (Full List)

Condiments are a great way to make any dish tasty, and one of the best condiments used around the world is ketchup.

Since ketchup’s invention many centuries ago, more variations of ketchup were made, and eventually, many brands have established themselves as delicious ketchup brands.

With ketchup’s popularity, you may be wondering what brands of ketchup there are. I did the research, and here is what I found!

Ketchup Brands

1. Heinz

One of the most popular brands of the ketchup world is Heinz, which is also said to be the best-tasting store-bought ketchup brand.

Many people have stated that Heinz has the best overall appearance, texture, and flavor that most people want in tomato ketchup.

Heinz ketchup features a thick and glossy texture, making Heinz ketchup perfect for dips and dolloping over food.

Moreover, Heinz ketchup has an ideal balance of tomato, sweet, and tangy flavors, which has made Heinz ketchup the top-selling ketchup brand.

Additionally, Heinz has created several ketchup products in its time, such as organic ketchup, no sugar added ketchup, and more.

Sometimes, Heinz got into making unique-looking ketchup such as purple ketchup, Chicago dog sauce, etc., but these variations did not stay in the market for long.

For instance, Chicago dog sauce was created to make ketchup popular for hot dogs in Chicago since people from Chicago refused to put ketchup on their hot dogs.

However, many Chicago citizens believed that Heinz’s Chicago dog sauce was merely ketchup in disguise, so many people did not buy Chicago dog sauce.

Therefore, Heinz quickly discontinued Chicago dog sauce due to the low sales.

2. Hunt’s

Another notable ketchup brand is Hunt’s, which is one of the top-selling ketchup brands right under Heinz.

Hunt’s may be favored over Heinz since Hunt’s ketchup features a bit of tanginess since Hunt’s ketchup is slightly vinegary and acidic, but Hunt’s ketchup still has an overall balanced flavor.

Typically, Hunt’s ketchup is said to taste great with sweeter foods, such as sweet hams and bread, since Hunt’s ketchup’s tanginess can balance out sweet foods.

Moreover, Hunt’s ketchup reportedly is much thicker than most other brands of ketchup, which is great if you need ketchup for a dip.

3. Del Monte

Del Monte is a company that started back in 1886 and while Del Mone creates a variety of processed foods, Del Monte is well-known for its ketchup products.

While Del Monte is a popular ketchup brand, not everyone favors Del Monte ketchup since the flavors are said to be straightforward.

Many reviews for Del Monte state that you can taste all the ingredients directly instead of experiencing a complex flavor profile.

Therefore, Del Monte ketchup is usually more popular with kids since Del Monte ketchup is a bit on the sweeter side, but you can still taste notes of vinegar in Del Monte ketchup.

Since Del Monte has a simpler flavor profile, you can add Del Monte ketchup to hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, and more.

4. French’s

While French’s is usually more known for its mustard products, French’s also makes ketchup that is well-loved by many people.

French’s ketchup is said to have one of the most complex flavors available from store-bought ketchup.

You can expect the typical vinegar and tomato flavors from French’s ketchup, but when tasted closely French’s ketchup also features notes of balsamic vinegar, onion, and garlic.

Despite French’s ketchup seeming like a simple condiment, French’s ketchup makes an excellent condiment to pair with more sophisticated food, such as sausages, deli meats, and more.

However, French’s ketchup is becoming harder to find in some areas due to low demand, so fewer stores are keeping French’s ketchup in stock.

Much of this lower demand comes from competitor brands, particularly Heinz since the other brands are better known for selling ketchup whereas French’s is most loved for its mustard products.

5. Primal Kitchen

While ketchup is not often seen as a healthy condiment, Primal Kitchen has taken the famous ketchup and added a healthy twist to ketchup.

Primal Kitchen wants to create products that have lots of flavor with clean ingredients, which is why Primal Kitchen created a lower-sugar ketchup product.

Generally, Primal Kitchen has the slightly acidic tang that we expect from ketchup, there is a bit of a missing “flavor” in Primal Kitchen.

Primal Kitchen omitted the sugar commonly added to ketchup, which means the flavors are not completely balanced so you may need to get used to the way Primal Kitchen ketchup tastes.

However, Primal Kitchen is not favored by everyone due to the lack of sweetness, so Primal Kitchen is often used by health-conscious people who are watching their sugar intake.

6. 365

365 is a brand made by Whole Foods, which is a multinational market in the USA, and 365 makes a variety of products including ketchup.

As far as taste goes, 365 ketchup is said to be a fairly average-tasting ketchup brand since nothing stands out about 365 ketchup.

While 365 does not taste bad since 365 has a good blend of spices, 365 ketchup is said to be average at best.

Moreover, some people find 365 ketchup’s spice blend is pungent and overpowering, which takes away from the true flavor of classic ketchup.

365 ketchup’s overpowering flavor and smell likely come from the clove and allspice, which many people find distracting from the other flavors of ketchup.

Additionally, some people have noted that 365 ketchup has an oddly grainy texture, which is the opposite of normally smooth and thick ketchup.

7. Sir Kensington’s

If you want ketchup that features a purer tomato flavor, Sir Kensington’s is well-known for producing ketchup that distinctly tastes like ketchup.

While Sir Kensington’s is noticeably rich in ketchup, Sir Kensington’s contains green peppers that add a touch of greenness to the ketchup that is a welcome taste for most people.

Moreover, another thing that makes Sir Kensington’s a unique ketchup brand is that Sir Kensington’s uses a mixture of red and green tomatoes in the tomato paste, keeping the ketchup rich and fresh-tasting at the same time.

However, some people have stated that while Sir Kensington’s is smooth, Sir Kensington’s ketchup is a bit grainy.

Additionally, Sir Kensington’s ketchup is a very natural-tasting ketchup brand that does not use high-fructose corn syrup, so you may lack a bit of sweetness that you may expect from most ketchup brands.

Plus, Sir Kensington’s produces another variation of ketchup, which is spicy ketchup that has added jalapeno.

8. Market Pantry

Market Pantry

Target is a huge retailer in the USA, and Target has been creating its own product line since 1995 called Market Pantry, and one of the products include ketchup.

For people who like a vinegary taste, Market Pantry ketchup is excellent ketchup to have in your pantry.

However, Market Pantry is significantly more tangy than sweet, so Market Pantry ketchup lacks the balance of flavors that you usually want in ketchup.

Despite Market Pantry not being sweet enough. Market Pantry ketchup has enough acidity that you can use to cut the richness of heavy dishes like onion rings and cheeseburgers.

9. Annie’s

Annie’s Homegrown has been around since 1989, and Annie’s Homegrown has been making organic ketchup for a long time.

Typically, Annie’s Homegrown uses organic tomatoes from California to create fresh-tasting sweet ketchup without the need for high-fructose corn syrup.

Despite having a natural sweetness, Annie’s Homegrown ketchup has a strong acidic flavor that is hard for many people to ignore, making Annie’s Homegrown unpopular with children.

Moreover, Annie’s Homegrown ketchup is said to have a runnier consistency compared to other ketchup brands, and that is likely due to Annie’s Homegrown ketchup being a more natural ketchup brand.

10. Trader Joe’s Organic

If you want an organic ketchup brand that does not skip out on flavor, Trader Joe’s organic ketchup is a must-try.

While Trader Joe’s organic ketchup features a simple ingredients list, Trader Joe’s organic ketchup is a rich and smooth ketchup brand.

Trader Joe’s organic ketchup contains all the ingredients you would expect in ketchup but the ingredients are organic, so you will not miss out on any of ketchup’s classic flavors.

Some people have stated that Trader Joe’s organic ketchup tastes very similar to Heinz ketchup, making Trader Joe’s organic ketchup a popular ketchup choice for people who want organic ketchup.

11. Burman’s

Aldi has a brand called Burman’s, which creates a very popular ketchup product that has an excellent mixture of tomato, sweet, tangy, and salty flavors.

Based on some reviews, people have stated that Burman’s ketchup tastes nearly identical to Heinz ketchup, and more people prefer Burman’s ketchup over Heinz ketchup because Burman’s ketchup is cheaper.

12. UFC

While UFC does not create traditional tomato ketchup, UFC is a popular brand from the Philippines that makes banana ketchup, which is a popular type of ketchup in the Philippines.

Unlike regular ketchup brands, UFC uses bananas instead of tomatoes to make banana ketchup to create slightly sweeter-tasting ketchup.

Despite having a slightly sweeter taste, UFC banana ketchup still features the tangy notes that you want in ketchup since UFC banana ketchup contains vinegar as a preservative and flavor enhancer.

13. Great Value

Great Value is a brand sold by Walmart, and one of the products Great Value creates is ketchup.

Based on some reviews, Great Value ketchup is said to taste like Heinz ketchup because Great Value ketchup has a great balance of flavors.

Moreover, many people prefer Great Value ketchup over Heinz ketchup since Great Value is known to be cheaper than other brands.

Additionally, Great Value ketchup likely tastes a lot like Heinz ketchup since they have a similar ingredients list.

14. Whataburger

While Whataburger is better known as a fast-food restaurant chain, Whataburger also sells some condiments such as Whataburger fancy ketchup.

Whataburger’s ketchup ingredient list includes tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, onion powder, salt, garlic powder, and various spices.

Thanks to these ingredients, Whataburger’s ketchup is thick and sweet, making Whataburger ketchup an excellent condiment to dollop over hamburgers, hotdogs, and more.

Moreover, Whataburger creates spicy ketchup, which features a fun kick for those who want a hotter ketchup brand.

15. America’s Choice

While America’s Choice is a somewhat known brand of ketchup, America’s Choice ketchup does not seem to be a popular brand of ketchup.

Based on reviews, America’s Choice ketchup is not rich, making the flavor lackluster compared to other more well-known brands like Heinz.

Some people have stated that America’s Choice ketchup is bland, which makes America’s Choice ketchup somewhat useless as a condiment since you want ketchup to add flavor.

Another flavor that is noticeable in America’s Choice ketchup is salt, which is unwelcome for most people since ketchup is not traditionally salty.

However, America’s Choice ketchup is noted to have one redeeming quality, which is the thickness since America’s Choice ketchup is thick and smooth, unlike other cheaper brands that are usually runny.

Moreover, some people opt for America’s Choice ketchup because it is cheaper than other ketchup brands.

16. Organicville

Another somewhat popular brand of ketchup is Organicville ketchup, and as you can guess from the name, Organicville ketchup is organic ketchup.

Despite being an organic ketchup brand, many people dislike Organicville ketchup with some reviewers even stating that Organicville ketchup is the worst ketchup that they have ever tasted.

According to reviews, Organicville ketchup lacks all the flavor and tang that you would want in ketchup and Organicville ketchup is more similar to Worcestershire sauce instead of ketchup.

While Worcestershire sauce does not taste bad, most people do not like the fact that Organicville ketchup tastes like Worcestershire sauce since Organicville ketchup should taste like ketchup.

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Since ketchup is a very popular condiment, many brands have naturally created their versions of ketchup.

While Heinz may be the most popular ketchup brand in the world, other brands create note-worthy ketchup products, which include Del Monte, French’s, and more.

Moreover, some brands of ketchup, such as Great Value ketchup and Burman’s ketchup, are great competitors for Heinz since they are cheaper yet taste the same as Heinz ketchup.

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