Jello Brands (List Of 15 Brands)

When it comes to making the perfect Jello dessert, you must use the highest quality Jello. However, with so many Jello and gelatin brands in the market, how do you choose?

If you are overwhelmed by your options, you have to narrow the Jello brands down by getting to know them. As such, we have collated a full list of the best Jello brands for your reference!

Jello Brands (Full List)

1. Jell-O

Jell-O has been a household name in America for over a century and Jell-O is so popular that Americans call every instant flavored gelatin a Jello.

When Jell-O was launched in 1897, Jell-O only had four flavors, namely lemon, raspberry, strawberry, and orange.

Over the years, Jell-O launched over two dozen other flavors. While a lot of Jell-O flavors were discontinued, Jell-O still has twenty-two staple flavors in production today.

Moreover, Jell-O comes in multiple formats, including Jell-O Sugar-Free, Jell-O Pudding & Pie Filling, and Jello Cups.

2. Bakol Jel Dessert

Bakol Jel Dessert is popular among vegan and vegetarian consumers. Unlike traditional Jello brands, Bakol Jel Dessert is made with carrageenan, which is sourced from red seaweeds.

Currently, Bakol Jel Dessert has five flavors, namely orange, strawberry, cherry, lemon, and raspberry. Additionally, Bakol Jel Dessert also comes in an unflavored format.

Moreover, all of the flavoring used by Bakol Jel Dessert is derived from natural vegan colors and flavors like beet powder.

3. Snack Pack

Snack Pack Juicy Gels are ready-to-eat Jello treats that come in cups. Like Bakol Jel  Dessert, Snack Pack does not contain gelatin or animal-based ingredients.

Instead of gelatin, Snack Pack is made from carob bean gum, which is a plant-based thickening agent.

Additionally, Snack Pack comes in different formats and some of the formats are Sour Patch Kids Redberry, Blue Raspberry, Fanta Grape, Fanta Orange, and Fanta Pineapple.

4. Simply Delish

Simply Delish is another vegan Jello option, and similar to Bakol Jel Dessert, Simply Delish uses carrageenan as a thickening agent instead of the traditional gelatin.

Additionally, Simply Delish uses a blend of Stevia and a sugar alcohol called Erythnitol to sweeten their Jello.

Furthermore, Simply Delish Non-GMO verified, Keto-certified, Kosher-certified, and Halal.

5. Knox Gelatin

While Knox is not a Jello, Knox does remain one of the top choices of chefs and consumers when making homemade jello.

Knox Gelatin was launched in 1889 by American businessman Charles B. Knox, and it was Knox who held the cooking contest in 1905 that made Jello salads popular.

Unlike other brands, Knox Gelatin doesn’t have flavored variants. To this day, Knox Gelatin remains a pure, unflavored, and colorless gelatin.

Moreover, Knox Gelatin has only twenty-five calories per envelope or six calories per serving, making Knox Gelatin ideal for weight loss or low-calorie diets.

6. Royal Gelatin

Royal Gelatin is another gelatin brand that has been in the industry for a long time, and Royal Gelatin was launched in 1863 under the Royal brand alongside Royal pudding and baking powder.

Unlike Knox Gelatin, however, Royal Gelatin comes in numerous flavors including strawberry, orange, pineapple, blackberry, lime, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry banana.

Additionally, Royal Gelatin has a sugar-free Chocolate gelatin flavor and a sugar-free version of some of Royal Gelatin’s popular flavors like orange and lime.

7. Kool-Aid Gels

Kool-Aid Gels are similar to Snack Pack, and both are ready-to-eat Jello snacks that come in cups, and they do not contain gelatin.

What Kool-Aid Gels uses is a combination of Locust Bean Gum and Carrageenan, which are plant-based thickeners that serve the same purpose as gelatin.

Moreover, Kool-Aid Gels come in a variety of flavors and some of Kool-Aid Gel’s popular flavors are cherry, strawberry kiwi, Cherry Tropical Punch, and Groovalicious Grape.

8. Aeroplane Jelly

Aeroplane Jelly

Aeroplane Jelly to Australia is what Jell-O is to America. Launched by Bert Appleroth in 1927, Aeroplane Jelly quickly became a staple in Australian homes.

Today, Aeroplane Jelly is manufactured in different formats, specifically Naturals, Original Jelly, Jelly Lite, Ready-To-Eat, and Desserts.

Currently, Aeroplane Jelly has sixteen flavors including blackberry, berry blue, green apple, lemon, lime, mango, orange, passionfruit, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, and port wine.

9. Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin

Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin is made from grass-fed cattle and is certified Kosher. Unlike other Jello brands in this list, Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin has uses outside of cooking.

While you can make delicious Jello desserts using Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin, you can also use Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin as a supplement.

Regardless of how you plan to add Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin to your diet, Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin is high-quality gelatin that is guaranteed to be a great source of collagen.

10. Vital Protein Gelatin

Vital Protein Gelatin is derived from the hides of grass-fed cattle, Additionally, Vital Protein Gelatin is the preferred gelatin brand by a lot of consumers who want to make healthy homemade Jello.

Similar to Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin, Vital Protein Gelatin can be used both as a thickener to desserts and as a supplement added to liquids like broth, water, and juice.

11. Lieber’s Gelatin

Lieber’s Gelatin can be likened to Knox Gelatin as both only come in unflavored versions. However, Lieber’s Gelatin does not use gelatin.

To produce a thickening effect on Jello and other foods, Lieber’s Gelatin uses Carrageenan.

Additionally, Lieber’s Gelatin has a sugar-free format, making Lieber’s Gelatinideal for consumers who are diabetic or simply monitoring their sugar intake.

12. Hartley’s Jelly

Hartley’s Jelly is a British jam and jelly brand that is derived from pig-based gelatin. Introduced in 1871, Hartley’s Jelly grew and continued to be a successful jelly brand.

Moreover, Hartley’s Jelly comes in several formats like the ready-to-eat Jelly Pot, Sugar-Free Jelly Pots,  boxed Sugar-Free Jelly, and Jelly Cubes.

Each one of these formats comes in a large assortment of flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, orange, lemon & lime, and blackcurrant.

13. Dr.Oetker Gelatine

Dr. Oetker Gelatin is beef-based gelatin that does not have flavored variants. Nonetheless, Dr. Oetker Gelatin is a highly recommended brand in making Jello and other desserts.

14. Gefen Jello

Gefen Jello is another vegan-friendly brand that uses Carrageenan as a thickening agent instead of traditional gelatin.

Additionally, Gefen Jello has an unflavored format as well as flavored formats that come in the form of strawberry, raspberry, lemon, lime, orange, and grapes, among others.

15. Jolly Rancher Gelatin

Jolly Rancher Gelatin is a popular brand that produces not just gelatin, but ready-to-eat gelatin-based desserts as well.

Moreover, Jolly Rancher Gelatin is considered gluten-free but not all Jolly Rancher Gelatin products are Kosher and Halal.

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While most of the oldest Jello and gelatin brands in the industry use animal-based gelatin, some brands use plant-based thickeners like Carrageenan and vegetable gum.

Regardless of the thickening agent these brands use, all Jello and gelatin brands are capable of producing high-quality and delicious Jello.

Furthermore, some of these Jello brands are so healthy that they are not just for making desserts, but for mixing with beverages and soups as a collagen supplement.

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