How Long Do Jello Shots Take To Set? (Time, Setting Tips + More)

In making Jello shots, nothing catches people by surprise more than Jello shots that either will not set or do not have the firmness they desire.

If you will be making Jello shots yourself, you might be wondering how long Jello shots take to set. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

How Long Do Jello Shots Take To Set?

Jello shots typically take three to four hours to set. However, several factors can either lengthen or shorten the setting time of your Jello shots. If you are making only a dozen or so Jello shots in two-ounce containers, Jello shots can become set in the fridge within four hours. If you use speed-set methods, the Jello shots can become set in two hours.

In case you want to learn more about how Jello shots are set and whether there are methods you can use to speed up the setting process, keep reading!

Can Jello Shots Set In 3 Hours?

Generally, it takes three to four hours for Jello shots to set. As a rule of thumb, the larger the volume of Jello shots you are making, the longer the setting period.

If you are going to make Jello shots in two-ounce cups, Jello shots can become set in less than three hours.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that Jello shots that are thick but still move side to side when tilted are considered set. To create firm Jello shots, it is still best to let the Jello shots set for three hours or more.

How Do You Quickly Harden Jello Shots?

Jello shots can be set faster using the traditional speed-set method used for plain Jello.

To speed-set your Jello shots, all you have to do is to replace half or all the cold water with ice cubes. You can also chill the vodka in the freezer so that the vodka is cold when you mix it.

Since the ice cubes will be poured over boiling water with dissolved Jello powder, the ice cubes will melt as you stir the mixture.

Any ice cubes that don’t melt after a couple of minutes should be discarded.

After letting the mixture cool and transferring it to the refrigerator, expect the Jello shots to set at least an hour less than the usual setting period for Jello shots.

Can You Freeze Jello Shots To Set Faster?

It is not advisable to put Jello shots in the freezer to make them set faster. If you are going to do this, leave the Jello shots in the freezer for no more than a couple of minutes.

Afterward, transfer the Jello shots to the fridge to set. Otherwise, the Jello shots will crystalize and expand in the freezer and that will ruin the overall quality of the Jello shots.

How Long Does It Take Jello Shots To Set In The Freezer?

Determining the amount of time it would take for Jello shots to set in the freezer depends on the amount of Jello shots you are making and your freezer’s temperature.

If you are making two-ounce Jello shots, the Jello shots could possibly be set in the freezer in half the time they would take to set in the fridge.

Nonetheless, Jello shots that are set in the freezer will not turn out the same way that Jello shots set in the fridge.

Jello shots that set in the freezer expand, crystallize, and consequently lose flavor. As such, it is generally not advisable to set Jello shots in the freezer.

How Far In Advance Should You Make Jello Shots?

Jello shots can be made a day or two in advance. However, if you are feeling short on time, you can make them up to three to four days in advance.

While Jello shots can still taste good within five days after their creation, it is still best to consume Jello shots fresh, preferably hours or up to two days after making the Jello shots.

Are Jello Shots Supposed To Be Solid?

Jello shots can be made however you want to because there are no hard rules about what Jello shots should taste or appear.

However, Jello shots are typically served semi-solid or firm. Some people prefer Jello shots that are set but still tilt in the cup when moved, and these are referred to as semi-solid.

Meanwhile, some people prefer Jello shots to be completely firm as that would make the Jello shots chewy.

Do You Cover Jello Shots While They Set?

To prevent Jello shots from absorbing unwanted smells from the fridge or to save space will setting a lot of Jello shots, people cover their Jello shots with lids or plastic wraps.

Putting a lid on the container of your Jello shots will not hinder them from setting. Additionally, it would not take long for the Jello shots to set just because they have a lid on.

How Long Are Jello Shots Good For In The Fridge?

Jello shots can last indefinitely in the fridge. That said, Jello shots tend to lose flavor over time.

While Jello shots may still be edible for weeks after making them, Jello shots are unlikely to taste good. Moreover, if the Jello shots are poorly stored, Jello shots can show signs of spoilage.

However, there is no definite way to determine how long Jello shots will last in the fridge because that depends on how you make and store the Jello shots.

Generally, it is best to consume the Jello shots within five days of making them and to throw away the rest once they become tasteless or develop discoloration and a bad smell.

How Long Does It Take To Partially Set Jello Shot?

Jello shots are considered partially set within an hour after placing the Jello shots in the fridge and longer if the volume is big.

Before reaching the three to four-hour mark, the Jello shots should have a thick consistency or be firm enough to leave impressions, but not yet fully solid.

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Jello shots take as much time as plain Jello to set. However, the exact amount of time will vary depending on how you choose to make and set your Jello shots.

Typically, Jello shots that are in one to two-ounce containers can be set in the fridge within three to four hours. Jello shots with bigger volumes will take up to five hours.

However, if you speed-set your Jello shots, you can enjoy firm Jello shots within just two hours after placing the Jello shots in the fridge.

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