How Long Do Jello Shots Last? + Other Related FAQs

There are several ways to enjoy alcohol, and a fun and colorful way is through Jello shots. Moreover, Jello shots are tasty and easy to make.

If you are making Jello shots for the first time or you want to prepare some for a party, you might be wondering how long Jello shots last. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

How Long Do Jello Shots Last?

Jello shots can last indefinitely, especially if you keep Jello shots in an air-tight container and store them in the fridge. Nonetheless, Jello shots tend to get weaker over time, generally after three to five days after making them. Additionally, if you keep leaving Jello shots out at room temperature at intervals, Jello shots may develop molds, discoloration, or bad smells. 

In case you are curious to learn more about the shelf life of Jello shots and how you can preserve Jello shots longer than usual, keep reading!

Do Jello Shots Expire?

Jello shots are usually made with vodka because of vodka’s neutral flavor. Given vodka’s minimum ABV of 40%, Jello shots can last indefinitely.

Vodka’s ethanol content can prevent molds and other microorganisms that cause spoilage from turning your Jello shots bad.

However, if the Jello shots are kept in poor storage conditions, the Jello shots will grow molds or develop a bad odor within a day or two weeks.

Additionally, just because Jello shots have an indefinite shelf life does not mean Jello shots will retail the same quality as when the Jello shots were first made.

Chances are big that Jello shots that have been stored for a week or two will have a bland or off-putting taste and smell, and will therefore be considered expired.

Why Do Jello Shots Go Bad?

Jello shots go bad for many reasons. One of them is poor storage. If the Jello shots are stored at room temperature and exposed to moisture, Jello shots become prone to spoilage.

When oxidation occurs, the Jello shots are introduced to microorganisms that will rob the Jello shots of their taste, smell, and overall quality.

How Far In Advance Can I Make Jello Shots?

Generally, it is believed that Jello shots taste better around three to five days after they are prepared. As such, you can make Jello shots three to four days before for optimum taste.

However, freshness is still key in enjoying Jello shots. People who regularly make Jello shots attest to preparing Jello shots a day or two in advance to be sure.

What Can You Do With Leftover Jello Shots?

Leftover Jello shots are best stored in the refrigerator or consumed before Jello shots lose their flavor.

While Jello can be melted and reused numerous times, heating the Jello shot will cause the alcohol to evaporate, and the Jello might not be able to set again.

Additionally, freezing the Jello shot may cause the Jello shot to become watery once thawed, and the Jello shot could turn bland. As such, it is best to not have leftover Jello shots at all.

Is It Okay To Use Expired Jello Mix For Jello Shot?

Jello mixes are good to use for months past their indicated expiration date on the box. However, if the Jello mix has been expired for over a year or two, it is best not to use the Jello mix.

This is especially true if the Jello mix has not been stored properly or has developed a different color, texture, and smell.

How Long Will Jello Shot Last In The Fridge?

Jello shots are at their optimum taste, smell, and texture within the first five days of making them and storing Jello shots in the fridge.

Any longer than five days, you can expect that the Jello shots will gradually lose Jello shots’ quality even if you store the Jello shots in the fridge. Even more so if the Jello shots are not in air-tight containers.

Nonetheless, Jello shots can last indefinitely in the fridge without developing molds or bad smells mainly because of the alcohol content of the Jello shots.

How Do You Know When Jello Shot Goes Bad?

How Do You Know When Jello Shot Goes Bad?

When Jello shots go bad, Jello shots can undergo discoloration and develop an off-putting odor. Additionally, molds will grow on the surface.

However, if the Jello shots do not show any of these signs but taste differently from when you first made the Jello shots, you have to consider throwing the Jello shots away.

How Long Do Jello Shots Last In Freezer?

Jello shots can last in the freezer for an indefinite period. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the Jello shots will still be tasty or enjoyable after you have thawed the Jello shots.

Firstly, Jello shots do not freeze in the average domestic freezer because spirits like vodka have a lower freezing point than what most freezers are set to.

Additionally, storing Jello shots in the freezer does not extend the Jello shots’ shelf life.

Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

It is possible to freeze Jello shots, but not in the usual domestic freezers. Unless your home freezer can be set to lower than -20°C, the Jello shots won’t freeze.

What Happens If You Put Jello Shots In The Freezer?

Putting Jello shots in the freezer makes the Jello shots firm and the Jello shots may develop frost or icicles, depending on your freezer’s temperature and how long you store the Jello shots.

Nonetheless, the Jello shots will not freeze and the Jello shots’ shelf life will not be prolonged either.

How Do You Freeze Jello Shots?

You can freeze Jello shots either by using lower-ABV alcohol or storing the Jello shots in freezers that can be set to temperatures lower than -20°C.

As a general rule, the higher the ABV of the beverage, the lower its freezing temperature. For example, vodka has 40% ABV and normally freezes at -26.95C.

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Due to the alcohol content of Jello shots, Jello shots can last for an indefinite amount of time. However, the longer you store Jello shots, the weaker Jello shots get.

Generally, Jello shots are enjoyable for up to three to five days after making them. Jello shots may still taste good after two weeks, but the Jello shots would not be as potent or fresh.

To enjoy your Jello shots, make sure to consume the Jello shots at once and store the Jello shots in your fridge properly for up to a week.

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