Grey Goose Vs Ciroc (Taste, Smoothness, Proof, Price, Reviews + More)

If you are craving French spirits, Grey Goose and Ciroc are two vodka brands worth adding to your shopping cart.

However, if you can only choose one, which should it be? How do Grey Goose and Ciroc compare in terms of taste, price, and overall quality? I looked into it, and here is what I found!

Grey Goose Vs Ciroc

Generally, more people prefer Ciroc over Grey Goose in terms of taste. While both are smooth vodkas, Ciroc has a more pleasant mouthfeel than Grey Goose. Usually, people observe that Grey Goose has a lingering bitter taste. Additionally, Ciroc is less expensive, but only by a small margin. Nonetheless, Grey Goose sells better than Ciroc globally.

If you want to learn more about the similarities and differences between Grey Goose and Ciroc, keep on reading!

Grey Goose Or Ciroc Which Is Better?

Based on quality, both Grey Goose and Ciroc tend to stand out from other vodka brands. They come in sleek bottles with elegant designs that boast of their French heritage.

Additionally, Grey Goose and Ciroc are made from 100% French ingredients that are carefully sourced and processed.

However, the fact that Ciroc is made from French grapes makes Ciroc questionable to a lot of purists, since they believe that authentic vodka must only be made from potatoes or grains.

In comparison, Grey Goose uses winter wheat, which means Grey Goose fits the traditional definition of vodka better.

With regards to the mouthfeel, Grey Goose and Ciroc yield vastly different experiences.

While Ciroc has a sweetness that is akin to energy drinks, Grey Goose has a neutral flavor profile that comes off as bitter most of the time.

Moreover, both Ciroc and Grey Goose are smooth vodkas, but it is a general observation that Grey Goose has a lingering peppery spice that a lot of people dislike.

Generally, Ciroc is the better-tasting vodka, but Grey Goose is as equally impressive as Ciroc in plenty of other factors.

Is Ciroc Cheaper Than Grey Goose?

Is Ciroc Cheaper Than Grey Goose?

Ciroc is cheaper than Grey Goose. While the prices of Ciroc and Grey Goose products are sometimes the same, Grey Goose tends to have a higher price ceiling.

Additionally, flavored Grey Goose in 750-ml bottles cost $19.99 – $36.98, while flavored Ciroc in 750-ml bottles cost $26.99 – $29.99.

It must be noted that apart from Grey Goose Essences which has 30% ABV, all flavored Grey Goose has 40% ABV. Meanwhile, all flavored Ciroc vodkas have only 35% ABV.

Which Is Stronger Grey Goose Or Ciroc?

Both unflavored Grey Goose and Ciroc are bottled at 40% ABV or 80 proof. As for flavored vodkas, the results vary depending on the specific products you are comparing.

Grey Goose’s Essences line only have 30% ABV or 60 proof, while all flavored Ciroc vodkas have 35% ABV or 70 proof, which means Ciroc has stronger flavored vodkas.

Nonetheless, Grey Goose’s other flavored products such as Le Citron and La Poire are bottled at 80 proof, making them stronger than Ciroc’s flavored vodkas.

With regards to taste, some Grey Goose products may have a richer flavor than Ciroc vodkas and vice versa.

Is Ciroc Smoother Than Grey Goose?

Generally, both Grey Goose and Ciroc are considered smooth vodkas. However, Ciroc tends to go down better than Grey Goose because Ciroc has a more rounded flavor.

Since Ciroc is made from grapes, Ciroc naturally tastes fruity with a bit of an antiseptic aroma and a mix of herbal and lemon undertones.

Meanwhile, Grey Goose’s bright floral flashes and crisp flavor are often undermined by Grey Goose’s strong peppery taste, which can often linger after swallowing.

Grey Goose Or Ciroc: Which Is More Popular?

Grey Goose is more popular than Ciroc based on Grey Goose’s sales. As per a 2020 global sales report, Grey Goose sold 3 million 9 liter cases worldwide, while Ciroc sold only 1.7 million cases.

However, Grey Goose’s sales dropped by over half a million since, which may be indicative of changes in consumer preferences between Grey Goose and Ciroc in the future.

What’s The Difference Between Ciroc And Grey Goose?

Grey Goose and Ciroc originate from France, but they are made with completely different ingredients, and that has an impact on how their vodkas taste.

Additionally, they follow different manufacturing processes. While vodka is generally a neutral spirit, these nuances result in two distinct products.

Grey Goose Vodka is made from Picardie winter wheat and water from Gensac-La-Pallue, and Grey Goose vodka is distilled only once.

In comparison, Ciroc vodka is made from two grapes, namely the Ugni Blanc and the Mauzac Blanc, and neutral local water. Unlike Grey Goose, Ciroc vodka is distilled 5 times.

Since Grey Goose is more neutral than Ciroc, Grey Goose vodka is the more ideal base spirit for many cocktails.

Surprisingly, Grey Goose and Ciroc don’t differ much apart from their ingredients, manufacturing, taste, and sales.

Like Grey Goose, Ciroc does not use artificial flavoring because both brands flavor their vodkas with real fruits and herbs.

Additionally, Grey Goose and Ciroc are top-shelf brands that are marketed towards more sophisticated consumers.

Ciroc and Grey Goose are both associated with celebrities and have plenty of product placements on TV shows, movies, and music videos.

Furthermore, Grey Goose and Ciroc are marketing themselves as gluten-free vodkas, and both are known to be vegan-friendly vodkas.

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Grey Goose and Ciroc are both considered high-quality vodkas, but in terms of taste, Ciroc is widely regarded as superior.

Ultimately, whether Grey Goose is better than Ciroc and vice versa depends on who is drinking and what their preferences are.

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