Does WKD Have Vodka In It? (Alcohol Type, Ingredients + More)

If you are not a fan of beer, you would have surely come across alcopop as an alternative, and one of the most popular alcopops in the industry since 2006 is WKD.

In case you have not had the chance to try WKD before, you might be wondering if WKD has vodka in it. I looked into it, and here is what I discovered!

Does Wkd Have Vodka In It?

WKD is an alcopop that contains triple distilled vodka. However, WKD producer Beverage Brands has not confirmed the type of vodka they use and where they source their vodka. Additionally, WKD has 4% ABV, but there is no way to confirm how much of that is vodka since WKD also has an unspecified alcohol base.

If you are interested to learn more about WKD’s ingredients, flavors, and alcohol content, as well as the amount of WKD that can cause intoxication, keep reading!

How Much Vodka Is In A WKD?

WKD contains 4% alcohol by volume or 8 proof. Nonetheless, WKD also has another alcohol base that contributes to WKD’s overall alcohol content.

Consequently, the amount of vodka WKD contains has not been verified, but it is reasonable to assume that vodka constitutes the majority of WKD’s 4% ABV.

What is WKD Made Out Of?

WKD is a pre-mixed drink that is made out of triple distilled vodka, mixed fruit flavors, and carbonated water.

When WKD launched, WKD’s base alcohol was wine, but the alcohol’s name was changed over the years to an unspecified type of alcohol to reduce taxes.

What Sort Of Alcohol Is WKD?

WKD is a sparkling alcoholic mix that is commonly classified as an alcopop.

How Much Alcohol Is In WKD?

Overall, WKD currently has a 4% ABV. However, when WKD launched in 1996 in Scotland, WKD originally had 5.5.5% ABV.

In October 2003, WKD reduced their ABV to 5%, and further lowered the ABV again in July 2005 to 4.5%.

It was in 2020 that WKD relaunched its products with an ABV of 4%.  However, WKD MXD has still been canned at 5% ABV.

Does WKD Pink Gin Contain Vodka?

WKD Pink Gin does not contain vodka. As its name implies, WKD Pink Gin uses gin as its primary alcohol.

Does Blue WKD Have Vodka?

WKD Blue contains triple distilled vodka just like the original WKD drink.

Is There Caffeine In WKD?

WKD products contain 100 milligrams of caffeine per liter.

Is WKD High In Caffeine?

Whether WKD is high in caffeine often depends on the beverage you are comparing it to. If WKD is compared to Red Bull, then WKD has a significantly lower amount of caffeine.

Nonetheless, WKD’s caffeine content is not so low that WKD could not easily match the caffeine content of energy drinks like Red Bull.

Generally, it would only take around three cans of WKD to consume the caffeine content of a regular size can of Red Bull.

Is WKD A Mixer?

WKD is not a mixer since WKD already contains alcohol. For a beverage to be a mixer, it has to be non-alcoholic and flavorful enough to enhance, change, or mask the taste of the alcohol.

What Does Blue WKD Taste Like?

On account of WKD changing its base alcohol from wine to unspecified alcohol, WKD Blue’s taste has changed from a sugary drink to something more alcoholic-tasting.

However, opinions vary on what WKD Blue tastes like. Originally, however, WKD Blue is designed to embody rich fruity flavors, specifically blueberries.

What Does WKD Taste Like?

Since WKD is a blend of fruit juices, carbonated water, and vodka, WKD has a fuzzy mouthfeel with lots of fruity nuances and mild warmth.

Additionally, WKD comes in multiple flavors, and the predominant fruit taste depends on the flavor you are drinking.

What Flavors Does WKD Have?

What Flavors Does WKD Have?

WKD comes in a total of eight flavors:

  • WKD Blue
  • WKD Pink
  • WKD Iron Brew
  • WKD Berry
  • WKD Orange & Passionfruit
  • WKD Dark Fruit
  • WKD Lemon
  • WKD Raspberry Lemonade

Is WKD A Strong Alcohol?

WKD is not strong alcohol compared to most beers and other types of alcoholic drinks. Nonetheless, WKD is still an alcoholic drink and can cause intoxication.

Can WKD Get You Drunk?

WKD has an ABV that is similar to the average beer. While two bottles of WKD might not get you drunk at once, increasing your consumption will surely lead to intoxication.

Additionally, WKD is formulated to mask the taste of alcohol. As such, it is much more difficult to monitor the amount of alcohol you are consuming.

Consequently, people are more prone to underestimate the intoxicating capacity of WKD, and they end up getting drunk without realizing it.

How Many WKD To Get Drunk?

Determining the amount of WKD to get drunk differs per person.

Factors like your age, gender, weight, height, food consumption, and alcohol tolerance are crucial in discovering how much WKD will intoxicate you.

Generally, an average woman would require far less WKD before showing signs of intoxication.

Roughly three to four bottles of WKD might suffice, especially if you are drinking WKD on an empty stomach.

Meanwhile, it might take the average man around six to eight bottles of WKD to show signs of intoxication, and maybe more to get completely drunk.

What Vodka Is Used In WKD?

Beverage Brands does not specify the type of vodka they use to make WKD products. Currently, all that is known is that WKD contains triple distilled vodka.

How Do You Drink WKD?

WKD can be consumed chilled, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail. Some people also take WKD as shots, and others add more vodka to WKD before doing so.

If you want to mix WKD in a cocktail, there are plenty of recipes online that you can refer to.

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WKD is a popular alcopop that is sold mainly in the United Kingdom and Ireland. While WKD contains triple distilled vodka, it is not certain what type of vodka is used for WKD.

Moreover, WKD has gradually decreased the alcohol content of WKD over the years, starting from 5% in 1996 to 4% in 2020.

Additionally, WKD’s alcohol content consists not only of vodka because WKD uses an alcohol base.

Formerly, WKD used wine as a base, but they changed the wine to unspecified alcohol to minimize the taxes of WKD beverages.

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