Does Mayonnaise Straighten Hair? + Other Common FAQs

Mayonnaise is a tasty and creamy sauce that many people use as a condiment, binder, and more in various recipes, but people have found unique ways to use mayonnaise that are not food-related.

Some people state that mayonnaise is great for straightening hair, but you may be curious if mayonnaise can truly straighten hair. I did the research, and here is what I found!

Does Mayonnaise Straighten Hair?

Mayonnaise alone cannot straighten hair, but mayonnaise helps straight hair appear straighter since the oils in the mayonnaise can tame frizzy hair. Therefore, mayonnaise can help maintain straight hair. However, you should not use mayonnaise to replace real hair care products since you can only use mayonnaise as a hair mask a few times a month.

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Can Mayonnaise Make Your Hair Straight?

Mayonnaise itself cannot straighten hair, but mayonnaise can help straight hair look straighter by taming frizz. Mayonnaise contains a lot of oils to moisturize frizzy hair, helping the straight hair stay straight.

Moreover, mayonnaise has protein since mayonnaise contains eggs, which means the proteins in mayonnaise can strengthen brittle straight hair.

However, it is important to note that mayonnaise is not a cure for frizzy hair since you need to make sure you do not do other things that cause frizzy hair.

For instance, mayonnaise will only be a band-aid solution to frizzy hair if you use heated hair styling tools regularly, so you may need to lessen how often you apply heat to your hair.

How Do I Use Mayonnaise To Straighten My Hair?

You can use mayonnaise to straighten your hair by using the mayonnaise as a hair mask, similar to how you would use a deep conditioner.

You can use mayonnaise by itself, but some people opt to add an egg to their mayonnaise for extra protein.

Typically, a cup of mayonnaise should be more than enough, but you can use more or less depending on your hair’s length and thickness. At this point, you may add your egg and mix the egg into the mayonnaise well.

Apply the mayonnaise into your hair thoroughly, coating each strand. If desired, you can place the mayonnaise on your scalp as well.

Allow the mayonnaise to sit on your hair for 15-30 minutes then use a gentle shampoo and water to rinse out the mayonnaise very well, making sure to not leave any mayonnaise behind.

It is not recommended to leave mayonnaise in your hair for longer than 30 minutes because the mayonnaise can begin to spoil, which can smell and feel very unpleasant.

Typically, you can use mayonnaise as a hair mask once a week, but healthier hair types may only need to use mayonnaise hair masks 1-2 times a month.

Generally, you should not use mayonnaise on your hair more than once a week because you will not notice major benefits and your scalp can get irritated.

Moreover, mayonnaise is not meant to replace proper hair care products specifically created for hair.

What Kind Of Mayonnaise Can I Use To Straighten Hair?

What Kind Of Mayonnaise Can I Use To Straighten Hair?

Normally, any type of full-fat mayonnaise will be fine to use to straighten hair because full-fat mayonnaise contains lots of oils and proteins compared to low-fat and fat-free mayonnaise.

For instance, Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise is a good choice to put on your hair especially since the gelatinous consistency will be easy to apply to hair.

Can Mayonnaise Ruin Your Hair?

When done right and in moderation, mayonnaise will not ruin your hair because mayonnaise can be beneficial to your hair.

If anything, mayonnaise can make your hair oilier, which can be good if you have dry hair but bad if you already have oily hair.

Moreover, mayonnaise can cause build up in your scalp which can lead to irritation and dandruff, but this usually only happens if you use mayonnaise very frequently and do not rinse your hair well.

Otherwise, mayonnaise will not ruin your hair and is safe to use as an occasional hair mask.

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While mayonnaise itself cannot straighten hair, mayonnaise can make your hair look straighter by taming any frizz since mayonnaise contains lots of moisturizing oils.

To use mayonnaise on your hair, you can use mayonnaise as a hair mask a few times a month.

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