Does Mayonnaise Have Dairy? (Ingredients, Brands + More)

If you are allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant, you know that you have to be careful with what you eat since many foods products like condiments contain dairy products.

One condiment you may be curious about is mayonnaise, and you may want to know if mayonnaise has dairy. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

Does Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Generally, most mayonnaises do not contain dairy since dairy products are not a standard ingredient to make mayonnaise. Moreover, the main animal product in mayonnaise is eggs, which is not a dairy product. However, certain types of mayonnaise, like mayonnaise from McDonald’s, do contain dairy, but most store-bought mayonnaise does not have dairy.

Are you interested in learning more about mayonnaise and why mayonnaise is dairy-free? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Mayonnaise Made Out Of?

Typically, most mayonnaises are made out of oil and eggs, and some manufacturers add an acid like vinegar or lemon juice.

However, the exact ingredients will depend on the manufacturer since each brand of mayonnaise has a unique recipe.

For instance, Kewpie mayonnaise uses egg yolks while most brands use whole eggs to make mayonnaise.

Certain brands will also add more ingredients into their mayonnaise, such as spices, preservatives, mustard, etc.

Why Is Mayonnaise Dairy-Free?

Most mayonnaises only have one type of animal product, which is eggs, and some types of mayonnaises do not use eggs, particularly if you opt for vegan mayonnaises.

While eggs do come from animals, eggs are not animal milk, meaning eggs do not qualify as a dairy product.

Therefore, people who are lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies can eat most types of mayonnaise since eggs are not dairy products.

Why Do Mayonnaise Recipes Not Require Dairy?

Generally, almost all mayonnaise recipes do not require dairy because mayonnaise is an emulsion of acid, oil, and eggs, meaning dairy products like milk are not required to make mayonnaise thick and creamy.

For instance, blending oil slowly into a mixture of eggs and vinegar will eventually make the mixture combine and thicken, creating mayonnaise.

When made properly, mayonnaise will not need thick dairy products, like cream or butter, to achieve mayonnaise’s creamy, dense texture.

Can You Eat Mayonnaise If You Are Lactose Intolerant?

Can You Eat Mayonnaise If You Are Lactose Intolerant?

It is safe to eat mayonnaise if you are lactose intolerant since most mayonnaise brands do not have dairy in the ingredients list.

Does Hellman’s Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Hellman’s Mayonnaise is dairy-free because Hellman’s states that their mayonnaise products do not contain any lactose-containing ingredients.

Does Duke’s Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Duke’s Mayonnaise does not contain any dairy products because none of the ingredients listed on Duke’s Mayonnaise are dairy products.

Does Blue Plate Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Currently, Blue Plate Mayonnaise does not have dairy because Blue Plate Mayonnaise does not require dairy in their mayonnaise recipes.

Does Kewpie Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Despite being a very creamy condiment, Kewpie Mayonnaise does not require dairy products and Kewpie says that Kewpie Mayonnaise is dairy and lactose-free.

Does Best Foods Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Best Foods Mayonnaise is dairy-free mayonnaise because Best Foods Mayonnaise contains soybean oil, egg yolks and whole eggs, vinegar, etc., all of which are dairy-free.

Does Nola Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

As of now, Nola Mayonnaise does not have any ingredients that contain lactose nor dairy, making Nola Mayonnaise dairy-free.

Does Nando’s Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Nando’s Mayonnaises are called Perinaise, Hot Perinaise, and Vegan Perinaise, and none of these Nando’s Mayonnaise have dairy.

Does Subway Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Subway does not state the ingredients of their mayonnaise, so there is no sure way of knowing if Subway Mayonnaise contains dairy.

Does McDonald’s Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s mayonnaise does contain dairy, which is not standard for mayonnaise.

Does Vegenaise Have Dairy?

Vegenaise is always dairy-free because dairy products are not allowed in a vegan diet, and Vegenaise is a vegan alternative for mayonnaise.

Does Miracle Whip Have Dairy?

While Miracle Whip is not real mayonnaise and is considered as a cheaper alternative to mayonnaise, Miracle Whip does not contain any dairy products.

Some of the ingredients in Miracle Whip include mustard flour, soybean oil, water, eggs, vinegar, high-fructose corn syrup, and paprika.

Can I Make Mayonnaise With Dairy?

You can make mayonnaise with dairy, specifically milk, and a recipe for mayonnaise that calls for dairy is called milk mayonnaise.

Milk mayonnaise, which is also called maionese de leite in Portuguese, is usually lighter and silkier than traditional egg-based mayonnaise.

Generally, milk mayonnaise is created by emulsifying oil slowly into a mixture of cold milk, pepper, lemon juice, and sometimes garlic to create a luscious and creamy sauce. Typically, the texture looks like soft mayonnaise.

Typically, you can use maionese de leite instead of regular egg-based mayonnaise in most recipes, but maionese de leite will work best in recipes like egg salad, potato salad, coleslaw, etc., especially if you want a lighter dressing.

However, you may still opt to use maionese de leite as a spread, dip, base for sauces, and more if you wish.

What Is A Non-Dairy Substitute For Mayonnaise?

While mayonnaise is already a non-dairy product, you can opt for a few alternatives such as mustard, avocado, and hummus.

However, these substitutes often do not mimic the taste of mayonnaise, but they are dairy-free alternatives to mayonnaise if you need mayonnaise’s texture for a recipe.

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Almost every brand of mayonnaise will be dairy-free since the only animal product in most mayonnaises is eggs, and eggs are not considered a dairy product.

While most brands of mayonnaise will be dairy-free, there are certain variants like McDonald’s mayonnaise that do contain dairy.

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