Does Ketchup Belong On A Hot Dog? (Is It Normal + Other FAQs)

Many people love to put toppings on their hot dogs, and an easy way to make a hot dog tastier is by putting a condiment on the hot dog. One of the most popular condiments used to put over hot dogs is ketchup.

However, you may be wondering if ketchup does belong on a hot dog. I looked up the facts, and here is what I discovered!

Does Ketchup Belong On A Hot Dog?

Ketchup can belong on a hot dog if you want to put ketchup on your hot dog, and ketchup is the second most commonly used condiment for hot dogs in the USA. However, other states in the USA, like New York and Chicago, do not ketchup for hot dogs so they opt to use mustard instead.

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Why Do People Put Ketchup On Hot Dogs?

Some people may find eating hot dogs alone boring, so simply pouring a condiment like ketchup can instantly make the hot dog taste better.

Moreover, eating a hot dog in a bun may feel quite dry for most people, which is why people add ketchup to hot dogs in a bun to add moisture.

Additionally, tons of people like to put ketchup on hot dogs because ketchup is one of the most popular condiments in the world, making ketchup an easy choice to put on hot dogs.

Why Is There No Ketchup On Hot Dogs?

Normally, there is no ketchup on hot dogs for various reasons, one of them being that some people think ketchup is a condiment for children.

While ketchup is traditionally sour and tangy, lots of commercial kinds of ketchup are sweet, which makes ketchup more appealing to children.

As people grow, their preferences for foods change, and opting for sweeter foods regularly may seem childish to some people.

Instead, most people who think ketchup is a kid’s condiment will opt to put other toppings on their hot dogs, which include relish, mustards, onions, etc.

Do New Yorkers Put Ketchup On Hot Dogs?

While this may not be true for every New Yorker, most people state that New Yorkers never put ketchup on their hot dogs.

New York is popular for having hot dog stalls all over the cities, and while most hot dog vendors will ask if you want ketchup or mustard, most New Yorkers will opt for mustard for their hot dogs.

Why Don’t They Put Ketchup On Hot Dogs In Chicago?

In Chicago, people do not generally put ketchup on their hot dogs because people from Chicago prefer to put other “more sophisticated” toppings, such as pickles, tomato wedges, and mustard.

Ketchup was such an unpopular condiment for hot dogs in Chicago that Heinz had to find a way to step up its game since Heinz merged with Kraft in 2015, and Kraft is a company from Chicago.

In an attempt to make ketchup more popular in Chicago, Heinz released a product called “Chicago dog sauce” on National Hot Dog Day, which did not go well with citizens from Chicago.

Many people assumed that Chicago dog sauce was merely ketchup in disguise, which led most people to never try the Chicago dog sauce.

Do Germans Put Ketchup On Hot Dogs?

Ketchup is not commonly used to put on hot dogs in Germany since most Germans prefer to use various types of mustards for their hot dogs.

However, ketchup is becoming a fairly popular condiment in Germany, so it may not be frowned upon if you chose to eat your hot dogs with ketchup in Germany.

What Percentage Of People Put Ketchup On A Hot Dog?

What Percentage Of People Put Ketchup On A Hot Dog?

While we do not know how many people around the world put ketchup on a hot dog, it is estimated that 52% of Americans put ketchup on hot dogs.

Based on that survey, ketchup was only the second most popular condiment to put on hot dogs since mustard had the most votes.

What Is The Proper Condiment For A Hot Dog?

Deciding what the proper condiment for a hot dog is can be a fairly debatable topic since each person will have different preferences and needs.

For instance, Chicago citizens like to use mustard, chopped onions, green relish, a pickle, tomato wedges, celery salt, and sport peppers to create a Chicago-style hot dog.

On the other hand, New Yorkers prefer topping their hot dogs with spicy brown mustard, onion sauce, and sauerkraut.

Therefore, there is no single “proper” condiment to place on a hot dog, but based on most people’s preferences, mustard is the ideal condiment for hot dogs.

Should I Put Ketchup On My Hot Dog?

Putting ketchup on your hot dog should be entirely your choice since you will be the one consuming the hot dog.

If you do not like ketchup, you can opt for other toppings on your hot dogs like mustard, cheese sauce, or onion sauce.

Generally, ketchup can be a good choice if you need to add moisture to your hot dog or to add more flavor.

What Does Ketchup Belong On?

Typically, ketchup can be put on any type of food you want to put ketchup on since there are no strict rules as to how you should eat your food.

For instance, ketchup can be a good condiment to put on breakfast burritos, french fries, fried chicken, and more.

To learn if ketchup belongs on pasta, if ketchup belongs on pizza, and if ketchup belongs on eggs, read our other articles.


Ketchup is one of the most popular condiments around the world, and many people opt to use ketchup as their condiment of choice for hot dogs.

However, some people see ketchup as a childish condiment, and certain states in the USA may frown upon people who put ketchup on their hot dogs.

Ultimately, it is your choice as to what you want to put on top of your hot dogs since you will be the one eating the hot dog.

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