Does Honey Mustard Have Eggs? + Other Related FAQs

Ingredients can make or break a food product. People nowadays scrutinize every ingredient listed because knowing the ingredients are important for people with allergies, health issues, and ethical reasons.

With mustard being in almost every home, you may be wondering if honey mustard has eggs. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

Does Honey Mustard Have Eggs?

Some brands’ recipes for honey mustard have eggs, some do not. If the recipe has mayonnaise then the honey mustard has eggs. Eggs are used to make mayonnaise, and some brands add mayonnaise to make the honey mustard creamier. Original honey mustard recipes have a runnier consistency, and the addition of mayonnaise thickens honey mustard. 

Does honey mustard need eggs? Are eggs an important ingredient in making honey mustard? Keep reading to find out!

Does Honey Mustard Have Raw Eggs?

Unless your honey mustard uses homemade mayonnaise, your typical jar of honey mustard does not contain raw eggs.

Honey mustard sold in supermarkets comes from big brand manufacturers. If the honey mustard recipe contains mayonnaise, the eggs have been pasteurized.

Mayonnaise is made with eggs, and homemade mayo is made by whipping raw eggs until a certain consistency is reached, which is where your eggs are used and included raw.

Eggs that have been pasteurized pass through heat, so mayo made by big brands always uses pasteurized eggs.

Additionally, raw eggs are safe to eat as long as the chickens that laid the eggs were vaccinated from salmonella. Eggshells and egg membranes are also impenetrable by outside bacteria.

Can Vegans Eat Honey Mustard If It Has Eggs?

Regardless of whether vegan honey mustard has eggs or not, most vegans do not consume mustard because honey mustard has honey.

Not all honey mustard recipes contain mayo, so not all have eggs in them. However, vegans still stay away from honey mustard because honey is not considered vegan by any means.

Eggs and honey are both animal products, and vegans only eat food that does not come directly from any animal.

However, if you are a vegan but you love honey mustard, some brands make vegan alternatives.

Typically, vegan honey mustard substitutes honey for other sweeteners like molasses or sugar and omits mayonnaise from the honey mustard recipe.

Does Honey Mustard Need Eggs?

Does Honey Mustard Need Eggs?

Some people want their honey mustard creamier and thicker, and some are fine with the original mixture of just honey and mustard.

If you prefer a creamier consistency to your honey mustard, then can get a brand that has mayo in the recipe. Eggs in the mayonnaise add more body to the honey mustard and make the texture a bit thicker.

If your honey mustard is for dipping, you need a creamier mixture for the honey mustard to stick to the food.

If honey mustard is needed as an addition to a dish or a sauce, the original mixture for honey mustard will work fine.

Regular honey mustard without mayo or any other thickener is a bit runny in consistency. So the need for mayo is definitely up to your taste and preference.

Are Eggs Considered Dairy?

No, eggs are not a dairy product. Dairy products are food or by-products that are made from the milk of animals.

Eggs are not made from any milk of any animal, but this sometimes confuses people who think that eggs are a dairy product.

Moreover, this confusion comes from marketing. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are put in the same group as eggs in most supermarkets, so most people assume eggs are dairy.

However, eggs and dairy products are not related at all, despite the misunderstanding.

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Generally, homemade honey mustard does not have eggs if the only ingredients are honey and mustard,

However, some recipes for honey mustard call for eggs, so certain homemade recipes and manufacturers will add eggs to their honey mustard.

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