Dijon Mustard Substitutes (Complete List)

Many food products can be interchangeable as long as they have the same flavor profiles, textures, and more. Mustard may be a complex condiment when it comes to flavor, but mustard has certain flavors that are also found in other food products.

Like every other variant, Dijon mustard has a distinct taste that people enjoy. But if Dijon mustard is not within reach, here are some good options I discovered for Dijon mustard substitutes!

Dijon Mustard Substitutes

1. Stone Ground Mustard

Since both Dijon mustard and stone ground mustard is made from brown mustard seeds, they have the same heat profile.

However, the difference in using stone ground mustard as an alternative is that stone ground mustard is coarse in texture while most Dijon mustards are smoother.

2. Yellow Mustard

Yellow mustard and Dijon mustard are very similar, so yellow mustard is often used to replace Dijon and vice versa.

Generally, yellow mustard is a bit milder than Dijon, but they are both smooth mustards and have almost the same yellow color.

Moreover, yellow mustard is also great if your recipe calls for a mellower mustard heat.

3. Spicy Brown Mustard

If you need a replacement for Dijon mustard’s heat, spicy brown mustard will be a great choice.

However, spicy brown mustard is a bit spicier than Dijon, so be careful when adding spicy brown mustard to your recipe.

4. Egg Yolks

While egg yolks are not an obvious choice, egg yolks are a good substitute for recipes that call for Dijon as a binder and emulsifier.

Though egg yolks do not provide a lot taste-wise, egg yolks can give your food the texture it needs.

5. Horseradish Sauce

Horseradish sauce is usually made from a mixture of grated horseradish and sour cream or heavy cream.

Typically, horseradish imitates the heat of Dijon mustard so well without having a complex flavor that can overpower the dish you are adding horseradish into.

6. Mayonnaise and Worcestershire Sauce

This combination makes a flavor that is very similar to Dijon mustard since mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce offers a tangy taste and a creamy consistency

However, mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce will lack the pungency and heat of Dijon mustard, but this combo will offer great acidity.

7. Lecithin Powder

While lecithin powder is a bit hard to find, lecithin powder will work if you want to eliminate the taste of Dijon mustard and not use mayonnaise or egg yolks as a binder.

Lecithin powder is a vegan-friendly ingredient and will offer you a great emulsifier without having to sacrifice your food standards.

8. Turmeric, Chili Powder, And Minced Garlic

Mixing turmeric, chili powder, and minced garlic will give you the basic flavors of Dijon mustard plus the classic yellow color.

Additionally, a combination of these three in equal parts will give you a paste that you can use to add to your recipes.

9. Honey Mustard

Though honey mustard is a sweeter type of mustard, honey mustard can replace Dijon mustard for those who are not a fan of the spice.

Honey mustard has the classic mustard flavors just without the heat, so honey mustard can be used as a milder substitute.

10. Wasabi

Wasabi is an ideal choice to replace Dijon’s heat. If you are looking to add heat where your Dijon is not available, then a little wasabi as an addition goes a long way.

11. Mayonnaise

Both Dijon and Mayo contain vinegar, so they have the same tangy taste and acidity. Both are also great emulsifiers, so mayonnaise is an easy replacement for Dijon mustard.

12. Beer Mustard

Beer mustard almost offers the same taste as Dijon because they have the same ingredients.

However, the only difference is that Dijon mustard uses white wine while beer mustard uses beer, but you can expect the same tangy punch from beer mustard.

13. Hot English Mustard

Hot English Mustard

If you need a spicy Dijon replacement for sandwiches and meats, hot English mustard is a great choice.

Both of these mustards pair well with proteins, so both mustards are interchangeable.

14. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce has a tangy, bold flavor profile that can easily replace the tang of Dijon.

Additionally, Worcestershire sauce has a liquid consistency that may not work for dishes that need a thicker texture, but Worcestershire sauce can work on other dishes and sauces.

15. Dry Mustard and White Wine

Technically, white wine and dry mustard are Dijon mustard ingredients, so if you have both in your pantry, you can use white wine and dry mustard to make Dijon mustard.

16. Whole Grain Mustard

Aside from the difference in texture, whole grain mustard makes a good Dijon substitute in dressings and dips.

17. German Mustard

Any of the German mustard variations are great replacements depending on what you will use German mustard for.

German mustard can be sweet mustard or hot mustard, meaning German mustard can give you a flavor profile similar to Dijon mustard.

18. Homemade Dijon Mustard

One of the best options is to make your own Dijon mustard and making homemade Dijon mustard will help you control the taste and texture to your preference.

19. Dijon Mustard Substitute In Glazed Ham

Dijon mustard is not only used in this recipe as an added flavor but as a binder to other spices as well.

If you do not have Dijon mustard, you can use honey mustard for a bit of sweetness that goes well with ham.

Plus, you can use yellow mustard for a rub base that can hold all other added spices to the meat.

Additionally, German sweet mustard is another great substitute as the sweet mustard varieties cut through the saltiness of the meat and add a layer of flavor as well.

20. Dijon Mustard Substitute In Creamy Dijon Chicken

If you need Dijon mustard for creamy dijon mustard, you need a dijon mustard substitute that is creamy, meaning paste or powder substitutes are not an option.

Some of the acceptable substitutes for creamy Dijon chicken are other prepared mustards, mayonnaise, or horseradish sauce to maintain the creamy consistency.

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There are a lot of available substitutes for Dijon mustard, but the best one will depend on the dish and recipe.

Dijon mustard may be used for taste or as an emulsifier to some dishes and every substitute can be used for either one. As long as the substitute works for you, you can choose any of the given alternatives.

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